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1) Upload Documents other than Besso Customs declaration form

Once you have created your shipment on Online Shipping, Yamato will send you an email regarding additional required document uploads. Please follow the instructions in the email to upload a copy of your passport, Visas *, and if applicable, any other receipts for newly purchased items.
* For the TA-Q-BIN Besso service, documents listed below are required for submission to the Japan Customs;
For Japanese Nationals: Valid US/Canada Visa with an effective date of more than 1 year along with the return date to Japan.
For non-Japanese Nationals: Japan Visa/Resident card
However, for short-term stay (within 3 months) such as travel, school, business purpose or visiting family, shipments are permitted to ship without a Visa under the following conditions:

.Yamato has a driver’s licence, but prefers not to drive as the driver cannot get drunk. He also claims he’s too lazy to drive.Yamato does weight training so that he doesn’t get a beer belly.Yamato has a backscratcher, which is also used to reach for the remote. Rockwell Automation repair technicians service a full range of YAMATO industrial automation equipment ranging from motors to DC Drives and much more. We provide repair services for over 7,000 manufactures of more than 200,000 parts to find the best industrial automation repair solution for your needs.

  1. The Shipper and Consignee must be the same person and cannot be for any business or commercial purpose uses. (Goods for business use or commercial purposes are not permitted for a Besso shipment)
  2. Maximum quantity to ship : 3 boxes, 50 kg (110 lbs.)
  3. Maximum Declared goods value per shipment: JPY 500,000 or less, For new products JPY 200,000 yen or less (Please prepare a receipt for value verification for new products)

If you use any of the following payment methods to pay for TA-Q-BIN (prepayment) and/or TA-Q-BIN Compact (prepayment), rates for cashless payments will apply.

<If you make an online payment in advance using any of the following methods>

  • Apple Pay
  • Kuroneko Pay
  • Telecommunication carriers’ payment systems (DOCOMO Payment, au KANTAN Payment and au PAY)

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<If you make an in-person cashless payment using any of the following services at a Yamato Transport Sales Office or when a sales driver picks up your parcel>

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  • Electronic money (nanaco, WAON, Rakuten Edy and transportation companies’ electronic money)
  • Payment using your T POINT savings
  • Discounts for Kuroneko members

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  • Online payments are accepted only for TA-Q-BIN parcel delivery requests made through smartphones. For details, please click here. (Japanese only)
  • Please note that cashless payment rates do not apply to payments for TA-Q-BIN (cash on delivery), TA-Q-BIN Compact (cash on delivery) or packaging materials.
  • When you make payment using an electronic card, or with Kuroneko member discount, or T Point card, but cash will be added due to the insufficient balance, please note that cashless payment rates do not apply.
  • Payments according to Kuroneko member discounts apply only to payments made at Yamato Transport Sales Office or to sales drivers who come to pick up requested parcels.
  • Kuroneko member discount rates reflect a Kuroneko member discount (10% or 15%) on delivery charges applicable to cashless payments.
    If a payment is made with a combination of any Kuroneko member discount and cash, the total payment amount will be after subtracting the Kuroneko member discount (10% or 15%) applied on delivery charges paid in cash.