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I'm using an AT91SAM7X256-EK board to develop. I installed AT91-ISP v1.12 on my 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium OS, then tried to connect to the evaluation board to burn image to flash using SAM-BA 2.8. But after plugging in, this test board couldn't be recognized by Vista. I tried several solution, including modifying the atm6124.Inf file, finally it's recognized as 'atm6124.sys AT91SAM7xxx Test Board', but the installation of the driver wasn't finished with the message 'This driver is not intended for this operating system'. I've also tried it on 32-bit Windows Vista, it's working fine. So I think it's the problem of driver: atm6124.sys which is for 32-bit operating system (Vista, Xp...) without supporting for 64-bit operating system. Anybody has similar problem? What will be the solution? Wonde proud others driver download torrentWonde

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Wonde Proud Others Driver Download

Having to work in the dark ages is never fun. My new .exe in Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.00.1610.0 was providing that experience when I couldn’t get to the Version tab when I invoked the file properties of my .exe in Windows Explorer. The Version tab just wasn’t there. Looking at working projects provided no clue. Turns out in my very thin .exe, when the resources were being compiled, it wasn’t picking up the define for VS_VERSION_INFO. Instead of complaining it happy converted it to a string: “VS_VERSION_INFO”. To get this to work I had to add “#include <windows.h>” to the resource.h file. After a full recompile the Version tab now shows up.