Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10


If your internet has begun to act up or not seem to work as well as it once did, you will naturally be looking for a cause. Before you begin browsing the latest Spectrum compatible modems, you need to ask yourself: when was the last time that you updated your modem’s drivers?

  1. Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 64-bit
  2. Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 Filehippo
  3. Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 Windows 10
  4. Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 Windows 7

Modem drivers are essential in allowing the operatingsystem to work properly and, just as technology continually changes, you needto be sure that your modem’s drivers are keeping up with the times. Here’s howyou can update your modem drivers in Windows 10.

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Whatis a Driver?

Windows mobile device center download - Windows Mobile Device Center is for managing your Windows Mobile powered device as it offers device management and data synchronization between a Windows Mobile-based device and a computer. It enables all information to be regularly updated on both. If Windows Has the Drivers. In most cases, Wi-Fi adapters are simply plug-and-play in Windows 10. Windows contains minimal drivers for many devices so you can get online without downloading the driver separately. In this example we’ll be installing a TP-Link Archer T2UH AC600 USB networking adapter, which Windows 10 already has a driver for. If you go to device manager and check the details of driver from memory it will be the year 2013 not 2011 Works with Windows 10 64 bit. Done this a number of times.

Let’s take a quick look at what a modem driver is. Amodem works by gathering data from your system and transmitting the data overtelephone lines, fiber optic cables, or cable lines in order to deliver thedata to another modem.

The driver itself is a piece of code that tells thedata transfer to happen. The information is coded in between modems and unencryptedat the receiving modem.

WhyUpdate Drivers?

Drivers need to be kept updated because of how much and how quickly technology changes. Drivers can include updates that correct any mishaps in code previously written, as well as helping keep your network safe from any new threats that could be headed your way. Updating your driver allows it to take in new information about any threats or malware that could be headed your way.

Updatingyour Modem Driver

In order to update your modem driver in Windows 10, tomake sure that is using the latest technology, you need to do the following:

Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10
  1. Click on the Start button on the lowerleft-hand corner.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and click on it.
  3. Under settings, go to the Devices link.
  4. Here you should see Phone/Modem options.
  5. Select your modem and then the Drivertab.
  6. Click on Update Driver Software
  7. There should then be an update wizard tohelp walk you through the full updating process.

Alternatively, if you want to be certain that yourmodem has received all of its driver updates, you can go to the modem’s websiteand see what the latest update was and whether you already have it. You shouldalso reboot the computer in order to make sure the new driver has succeeded.

Wm320 wireless data device modems driver download for windows 10 64-bit


Once in a while, a modem driver might not be workingwell itself. If you downloaded a new driver, recently updated your operatingsystem, or if your driver isn’t working with new software provided by your ISP,then you might need to review your modem driver.

In the case that you just downloaded a new driver andit is not working correctly, the driver might have been corrupted or damagedduring the download, but it could also be an indication of malware on yourcomputer. In any of these cases, the safest course of action is to re-installthe modem driver. You can do that by following the steps that we listed outabove.

When all else fails, it is time to contact themanufacturer for your modem and do some troubleshooting with their customer serviceas well. They should be able to walk through it with you and figure out what isreally going on.


Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 64-bit

This topic provides guidance to Mobile Broadband (MB) module manufacturers intending to support firmware upgrade devices via Windows Update (WU). The devices must be compliant with the USB NCM Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) V1.0 specification released by the USB-IF Device Working Group.

The information in this topic applies to:

  • Windows 8

Device Requirements

To support firmware updates on Mobile Broadband using Windows Update, module or device manufacturers need to comply with the following requirements:

  • UMDF (User Mode Driver Framework) based driver developed by the module or device manufacturer, packaged along with the INF file and firmware payload. Sample INF file and details are provided in the later part of this document
  • Device firmware to implement the following functionalities:
    • Firmware ID Device Service (FID). For more information, see FID Device Service.
    • Firmware to support a firmware update device service. This is a device manufacturer specific device service that provides the ability for an UMDF driver to call into and execute/download the firmware payload and start the firmware update process.

Operational Overview

The following diagram shows the high level design and interaction between the three components involved: MBIM device, Windows 8 Operating System and IHV supplied firmware upgrade driver.

  • When the WWAN Service detects the arrival of new MB device, it will check if device support Firmware ID (FID) Device Service. If it is present, it will retrieve the FID, which is defined to be GUID. The Firmware Device Service specification that the IHV needs to the support on the device is described below.
  • WWAN Service (Windows OS) will generate “soft device-node” using the FID obtained above as the device hardware Id. This referred to as “Soft Dev Node” in the diagram above. The creation of the dev-node will kick start PnP subsystem (Windows OS) to find the best matched driver. In Windows 8, PnP system will first attempt to install a driver from the local store, if one is available, and in parallel OS will attempt to fetch a better matched driver from WU. The inbox NULL driver will used be used as default if better match driver is not available to eliminate “Driver Not Found” issue.
  • The IHV WU package, based on the FID match, is pulled down to the machine and installed. It is expected that the FID represents a unique firmware SKU (uniqueness here is defined by combination device VID/PID/REV and MNO). WU package would contain an IHV authored UMDF driver as well as a firmware payload.
  • Once the IHV UMDF is loaded on the soft dev-node it is responsible for controlling the firmware update flow. It should be noted that the life time of the soft dev-node is tied to physical presence of the MBIM device. The UMDF driver shall perform the following steps to performing firmware updates
    • It is acceptable for the device to reboot multiple times during the firmware update process, but would cause the UMDF driver to get unloaded/reloaded
    • The entire firmware upgrade process, including reboots, should take place no more than 60 seconds.
    • After the firmware update is completed and device has reverted to MBIM mode, Windows should be notified. This is done by clearing the previously set DEVPKEY_Device_PostInstallInProgress property. https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/hardware/hh451399(v=vs.85).aspx describes how to set a property on dev-node. A previously set property can be cleared using DEVPROP_TYPE_EMPTY.
    • During OnPrepareHardware UMDF callback, the UMDF driver shall check if the firmware on the device needs to be updated. This is done by comparing the version of the firmware on the device against the one that came in via Windows Update. Additional guidance is provided later in the document regarding placement location of firmware binary. If firmware update is required, the UMDF driver should:
      • Schedule a work-item as described in https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/hardware/hh463997(v=VS.85).aspx. The actual firmware upgrade happens in the context of the work-item.
      • Once the work-item is successfully scheduled, notify Windows about the start of firmware update. It is done by setting the DEVPKEY_Device_PostInstallInProgress property on the soft dev-node in the context of OnPrepareHardware UMDF callback.
      • It is important not to block the OnPrepareHardware callback while the firmware update is in progress. It is expected that OnPrepareHardware callback is completed within a second or two at the most.

Sample INF file for the WU Package

This section provides a sample INF that is part of the WU package. The key points to note in INF file are:

  • The firmware binaries are independent of the UMDF driver.
  • The firmware binaries are located a well-known, pre-defined location as shown below to filename collisions. The binaries cannot be not be executable files containing PE/COFF headers.
  • %windir%Firmware<IHVCompanyName><UniqueBinaryName>.bin
  • The UMDF driver is aware of this predefined well-known location.
  • The sample INF template below has highlighted items that need to be filled by the IHV.

Firmware Identification Device Service (FID Device Service)

The MBIM compliant device will implement and report the following device service when queried by CID_MBIM_DEVICE_SERVICES. The existing well-known services are defined in the NCM MBIM spec in section 10.1. Microsoft Corporation extends this to define the following service.

Service Name = Microsoft Firmware ID


Value = e9f7dea2-feaf-4009-93ce-90a3694103b6

Specifically, the following CID is defined for UUID_MSFWID device service:


Command Code = 1

Query = Yes

Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 Filehippo

Set = No

Event = No

Set InformationBuffer payload = N/A

Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 Windows 10

Query InformationBuffer payload = N/A

Wm320 Wireless Data Device Modems Driver Download For Windows 10 Windows 7

Completion InformationBuffer payload = UUID


The command returns the MNO or IHV assigned Firmware ID for the device. The UUID is encoded based on the guidelines in the MBIM specification.

Query = InformationBuffer on MBIM_COMMAND_MSG not used. UUID returned in InformationBuffer MBIM_COMMAND_DONE.

Set = Unsupported

Unsolicited Event = Unsupported

Code snippets for behavior of UMDF driver

As indicated earlier, the UMDF driver should indicate to the Windows when it starts and completes firmware upgrade. This section provides code snippets that show how the driver should notify Windows of these events.