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  • Im having problems to install the PCI Card for the NC Studio It was already working but the Windows failed and we need to reinstall it afterwards the nc studio shows a message ' Hardware FAILURE' Any advise.
  • Operating System Driver Provider Driver Version; Download Driver: Windows 2000 (32 bit) Shanghai WeiHong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 6.0.1 (2/02/2004).
NameDescriptionRelease DateDownload
NcStudio V10 Glass Cutting CNC System User Manual-R10Documents2018-11-19
NC60A Multi-Process Control System Manufacturers Manual-R1Documents2018-11-19
NcStudio V10 CCD System Quick Start-R1Documents2018-11-06
NcStudio Phoenix Stone Machining System Operation Manual-R1Documents2018-11-06
NK868T Lathe Numerical Control System Manufacturers' Manual-R1Documents2018-11-06
New Functions of NcEditor V12 Tube Cutting (Exclusive to Bodor)-R1Documents2018-11-06
V12 NcEditor Laser Cutting Control System Bus Type Commissioning Guide-R1Documents2018-11-06
NcCloud Service User Manual-R1Documents2018-11-06
NcCloud Assistant User Manual-R1Documents2018-11-06
NK500 Integrated CNC System Quick Start-R1Documents2018-11-06
WISE servo driver and motor selection guide-R8Documents2018-11-06
NK300HF Integrated CNC System Operation Manual (Customized for Hongfa)-R1Documents2018-11-06
Users' Manual of Weihong Automatic Rhinestone Adhesion Machine-R1Documents2018-11-06
WSDA series servo driver guide-R1Documents2018-11-06
Instruction of Scanning Function-R1Documents2018-08-09
iMotion-V1.3.0, PC software for WISE SERVOWISE SERVO2018-08-08
WISE Bus-type Servo Driver Users' Manual-R1Documents2017-05-09
Guide for Tool Radius Compensation Function-R1Documents2017-05-09
3 AXES Cylinder-PM85A-PM95A-NC65C-Lambda-8.516.00-V8-APPWood2016-09-06
3 AXES-PM85A-PM95A-NC65C-Lambda_4s-8.516.00-V8-APPWood2016-09-06
3 AXES cylinder-PM63A-PM53B-PM53C-PCIMC6-8.516.00-V8-APPWood2016-09-06
3 AXES -PM63A-PM53B-PM53C-PCIMC6-8.516.00-V8-APPWood2016-09-06
Commissioning Manual of RC300 Robot Manipulation-R1Documents2016-08-16
WISE servo driver guide-R5Documents2016-08-16
WISE servo driver and motor selection guide-R2Documents2016-08-16
Operational Manual of iMotion Software -R1Documents2016-08-16
Instruction manual of WJAC-70-R2Documents2016-08-16
NcStudio Programming Manual-R6.1Documents2016-08-16
Manufacturers’ Manual of RC300 Robot Mannipulator Control System-R1Documents2016-08-16
RC300 Robot Manipulator Control System Manufacturers' Manual For 3 axes cantilever robot manipulatorDocuments2016-08-16
Manufacturers’Manual of RC300 Robot Mannipulator Control SystemDocuments2016-08-16
PM53B53C CNC System Manufacturers' Manual-R7Documents2016-08-16
WISE servo driver users' manual-R9Documents2016-08-16
NcStudio V10 Waterjet Cutting CNC System Users' Manual-R1Documents2016-08-16
NcStudio V10 Milling CNC System Users' Manual (For four & five axes)-R2Documents2016-08-16
NcStudio V10 Milling CNC System Users' Manual (For dual Z axes)-R3Documents2016-08-16
CNC System NcStudio-V9 for Three Axes Engraving Machines Users' Manual-R4Documents2016-08-16
NcStudio V8 Milling CNC System Users' Manual (For three & dual Z axes)-R4.1Documents2016-08-16
NcStudio V10 Glass Cutting CNC System Users' Manual-R8Documents2016-08-16
Users’ Manual of NcEditor V12 Laser Cutting CNC System-R5Documents2016-08-16
NcEditor V12 Plasma Cutting CNC System Users' Manual-R4Documents2016-08-16
NK200 Integrated CNC System Manufacturers' Manual-R14Documents2016-08-16
NK280 Integrated CNC System Manufacturers'Manual-R2Documents2016-08-16
Lambda series CNC system-R7Documents2016-07-07
PM63A62A CNC System Manufacturers'Manual-R2Documents2016-06-17
NK105G2FG3F control system manufacturers' manual-R3Documents2016-06-08
NK105G2G3 CNC system manufacturers' manual-R7.1Documents2016-06-08
NK300BX Integrated CNC System Manufacturers' Manual-R4Documents2016-06-08
NK300CX Integrated CNC System Manufacturers' Manual-R4Documents2016-06-08
NK260 Integrated CNC System Manufacturers' Manual-R12Documents2016-06-08
NK300 Integrated CNC System Manufacturers' Manual-R20Documents2016-06-08
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Weihong Cnc Adaptor Pcimc 3d Driver For Mac In order to trace my problems, could you please post the technical information for the PCIMC-3D card? In particular, I would like to know the pinouts, and if it is a parallel or serial interface. Weihong Huang Benihana, Covenant Transport - CDL A Driver, Cook Coral Springs, Florida, United States.