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Cargo Van Driver-OTR Lana Express Logistics - Frisco, TX We provide the cargo van; As an Expeditor, you will drive a Cargo Van to deliver or pick-up freight. Our drivers get paid 60% of the load’s gross revenue. A railroad van driver transports train crew members between the destination of their train and their base or from headquarters to the starting point of the train’s journey. In this career, you drive a passenger van, a shuttle bus, or a similar vehicle. You transport crews when scheduled, but may also perform your duties on an on-call basis. To be employed in this role you must have held a full driving licence for at least one year, and be able to drive a 3.5 ton automatic van.

Jan 19, 2021 Fumed over this, the driver reversed the truck at full speed and rammed the PCR van. The collision was so intense that the PCR van was badly mangled and a bike also suffered extensive damage. Fortunately, the PCR van driver escaped unhurt. Following this, police have detained the truck driver. Self Employed Van Driver. Long Distance Van Drivers Needed! Driver Agent are the largest and fastest growing Driving Agency in the UK, starting around 2000 Drivers each year to work with the biggest delivery companies every day!

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A supermarket delivery driver was rescued from the top of his overturned van after it was swept away crossing a fast-flowing ford.

Emergency services were called at 5pm on Tuesday to Westgate, in Weardale, County Durham, following reports a Morrisons delivery van was trapped in the swollen River Wear.

Specialists from Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service used a raft attached to a nearby footbridge and gave a life jacket to the driver, who had climbed on top of the van.

Witness Scott Bisset said the man looked 'distressed and panicked' but was eventually brought to safety and taken to hospital.

The fire service tweeted a dramatic video of the scene, saying they were 'so proud' of the water rescue team.


It said: 'On arrival our crews took immediate action, in what was challenging conditions, to ensure the driver was rescued.'

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Mr Bisset, who lives a mile away from the river, went to assist after being called by two people who heard the driver shouting 'help'.

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He believed the driver used the ford after being directed by his sat-nav but said there was 'not a vehicle in the world that could have got through.'

'The river was in flood - the snow here has melted and there was rain, so there was a lot of water in the river.

'The van was washed off and turned over on its side, luckily the front was pointing upstream, so it acted like a boat. If the water had been hitting the side of the van or the back, the driver would, unfortunately, have drowned.'

He said the emergency crew 'put their own lives at risk.'


'I know they practice for this but in those conditions, with that freezing water travelling at great speed, in the dark and the pouring rain, it was very dangerous and they were very brave.'

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Mr Bisset said the van was still in the water, but now about 500m further downstream.

Coaching Series® programs are also available online and are a great option for organizations with multiple locations and employees on the road. The online programs offer 100% of CS’s acclaimed classroom content while allowing individuals to take the course when it is convenient for them. Organizations have the ability to monitor and track employee progress and access compliance and summary reports.


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Many organizations mistakenly assume that van driving is no different than driving a personal car, and they expect their employees (or volunteers) to assume van-driving responsibilities without any training. The fact is that most commercial vans are very different than passenger cars. They are bigger, heavier, have larger blind spots, and require longer following and stopping distances. Training drivers to compensate for these differences can help keep them on the road and on the job. Coaching the Van Driver II™-15 Passenger Version is a comprehensive training program that meets that need. Topics addressed include:

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  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Safety belts
  • Van characteristics
  • Scanning
  • Backing
  • Cushion of safety
  • Blind spots
  • City, highway and rural driving