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E2eSoft VCam is a Webcam Emulator, which emulates a webcam in your system and works like a real one. It can be used in most of the applications which use webcam, such as IM software, video broadcasting, video conferencing, video teaching, remote education, video chatting etc. About Sound Card Drivers: Usually, Windows operating systems apply a generic audio driver that allows computers to recognize the sound card component and make use of its basic functions. When enabled by proper files, the characteristics of the sound card (like model, manufacturer.


Model: V-Gear TalkCam Tracer CCD

Software - v gear vx6 driver. Win Driver Backup, StelsDBF JDBC Driver, MITCalc - V-Belts Calculation. To download the correct V-Gear TalkCam Pro driver matching your. V-Gear TalkCam VX6; V-Gear TalkCam Tracer CCD. V-Gear TalkCam LiveShow; V-Gear Pocket DVD Video. Download V-Gear TalkCam VX6 driver details. Do not forget to set a system restore point before installing V-Gear TalkCam VX6 driver. Download V- Gear Talk.

Vendor: V-GearDriver
Version:Download, v.
Operating system:Downloads Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Bits: 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
Driver Date: 2007-02-27
Size: 3.1 mb
V-gear Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download

Driver description

Download driver V-Gear TalkCam Tracer CCD version, v. for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64).

Screenshot of files

Installation screenshots V-Gear TalkCam Tracer CCD

V-gear Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Downloads

File Name

Sound Card Driver Download

V-Gear_TalkCam_Tracer_CCD_v2.06.04.0226.zip - (3.1 mb) v. - 27.02.2007

V-gear Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download Windows 10

SQ930B_PCAM_Chenbro_HiCam_USB_2.0_PCam S_V0.004.exe - (4.1 mb) v. - 27.02.2007

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Windows 10 sound card driver download

V-gear Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download Windows 7

V-Gear DV Pro is a specially designed DV/Analog video editing system for camcorder hobbyists. With its integrated high-speed IEEE1394/i.Link DV interface and Analog video (Composite & S-Video) inputs, V-Gear DV Pro lets you capture any video whether from V8, Hi8, D8, DV or VHS into MPEG files, in real-time.
V-Gear DV Pro delivers all magic tools you need to turn raw footage into fantastic videos. Capture video in small and long-lasting MPEG file with the built-in DV/Analog input connectors to save your hard-drive space and let PowerDirector Pro DE, the new '0' rendering MPEG editing software produce a fascinating movie instantly. Our exclusively 3D CG library, 3DBANK CG PAK, can add strong visual impact on your video, in addition to fully professional video editing features, custom sound features - SmartSound, let you sync your audio perfectly and add incredible sound effects in minutes. Finally, with the included DVD burning software, your masterpiece can be put into VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD or DVD for permanent storage.
From video capture and editing all the way through to burning a disc to play on your set top DVD player, V-Gear DV Pro makes it easy and fun to make great home movies. The complete compatibility and versatile entertainment of V-Gear DV Pro really provide an ideal video editing solution!!
  • V-Gear DV Pro Digital/Analog Video Editing System Retail Box
  • Attractive Retail Box
  • Integrated i.Link DV and Analog video hardware interface
    vs. Others: Single interface, need to purchase separately
  • Integrated software of editing, effects, disc menu and burning
    vs. Others: Separate software, no streamline workflow
  • Ultra Bonus: 3DBANK CG PAK SE (video animation) & SmartSound (music) libraries
    vs. Others: None
  • Real-time capture video in VCD-, SVCD-, miniDVD-, DVD-ready files
    vs. Others: Support only some of them
  • '0' Rendering MPEG video editing - No recompression, fast and easy
  • Advanced Scene Detection technology - Create individual video clips automatically
  • Final video can be recorded back to DV/Digital 8, or exported in VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD and DVD, or other file format (AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2)
  • VCD/mini-DVD/DVD menu function
  • DV/Analog compatible, capture all the wonders!
  • V-Gear DV Pro - Digital/Analog compatible video editing system, integrates high-speed IEEE1394/i.Link DV interface and Analog video (Composite & S-Video) inputs which lets you connect analog VCR plus DV/Digital 8 camcorder to PC and capture any video into MPEG files, in real-time. The complete compatibility and versatile entertainment of V-Gear DV Pro really provide an ideal video editing solution.
  • '0' Rendering MPEG video editing, fast and easy.
  • Included PowerDirector Pro DE comes complete with an advanced, yet easy to use video-editing interface that lets you create dazzling video productions. There are many more powerful functions! Automatic Scene Detection shortens the time you spend on video editing; splendid effects, subtitles and transitions create you a fabulous homemade Hollywood style movie. The even better is, with its exclusive SVRT (Smart Video Rendering Technology), you spend no more time on re-compression of files, and export instantly your final works in format of VCD, SVCD, DVD. You can also record your works to DV tapes with its built-in DV output connector.
  • DVD make easy.
  • Beyond video editing, PowerDirector Pro DE is also a complete solution to create movies on CDs and DVDs. It provides authoring and burning tools of VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD and DVD, 100% integrated. The step-by-step Disc Making Wizard will guide you through arranging video clips, backgrounds, menus, chapters, interactive buttons and slide shows¡Ketc. You can also apply built-in various templates and use the Preview Mode to easily check and see if everything is right for you, and push the burning button to make DVD or mini-DVD, it's that simple.
  • Royalty-free 3DBANK CG PAK SE - Smart CG library, enrich your video instantly.
  • 3DBANK CG PAK is a specially designed CG library for digital video! All CG and animations in CG PAK are produced by professional 3D technology, providing supreme broadcast D1 quality and including all CG types needed in video editing, such as full screen cards, subtitles, frames and animations. You can superimpose CG onto your video immediately, and add a strong visual impact on your video, create a fascinating movie of Hollywood style.
  • SmartSound - Create soul-stirring music in a wink!
  • V-Gear DV Pro includes an easy-to-use audio software, SmartSound, a background music generator that creates perfect soundtracks matched to the movie instantly. Simply select music tones, from Classic to Rock'n'Roll, you can create soul-stirring background music in minutes instead of hours. Easy, quick, precise, and royalty-free!
  • Applications:
  • Analog & DV video editing
  • Produce home video, VHS and multimedia CDs
  • Produce VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD, DVD
  • AVI(720x480), MPEG-1, MPEG-2
  • Package Contents
  • V-Gear DV Pro PCI card
  • i.Link DV cable (4pin-4pin)
  • S-Video (Y/C) cable
  • Composite Video (RCA) cable
  • Audio (1-to-2 RCA) cable
  • Audio (for soundcard bridge) cable
  • CyberLink PowerDirector Pro DE (Professional video editing, effects and authoring software)
  • 3DBANK CG PAK SE (Royalty-free CG library)
  • SonicDesktop SmartSound ('O' Learning Soundtrack Creation Software)
  • User manual
  • Warranty Service Certificate/Registration Card
  • Specifications:
  • Plug-and-play 32 Bit PCI interface
  • Capture video source from - VHS, V8, Hi8, DV, D8.etc
  • New WDM capture driver support
  • Standard OHCI - DV/Digital 8 interface
  • Compatible with DV/Digital 8 camcorder equipped with 'FireWire', 'i.Link', or 'IEEE1394' connector
  • Resolution:
  • NTSC: 80x60 to 720x480, 30Frame/Second*
  • PAL/SECAM: 80x60 to 720x576, 25Frame/Second*
  • Video adjustment
  • Hue, Brightness, Contrast and Saturation
  • Video connectors:
  • IEEE 1394/i.Link Input/output(4pin), Composite(RCA) input and S-Video input
  • Audio connectors:
  • Phone jack (3.5mm/stereo) input/output
  • DV Format:
  • NTSC: 720 x 480(CCIR601), YUV 4:1:1, 30fps, 5:1 DV CODEC, 3.6MB/sec
  • PAL/SECAM: 720 x 576(CCIR601), YUV 4:2:0, 25fps, 5:1 DV CODEC, 3.6MB/sec
    * Depends on the performance of your CPU and hard-drive.
Product Requirements
  • System Requirements:
  • One free PCI slot
  • Pentium III 500 MMX CPU or above
  • MPEG-2 Real-time Recording: PIII 650 or above
  • MPEG-1 Real-time Recording: PIII 450 or above
  • 64MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Hard disk with data rate above 3.6MB/sec (DV stream storage)
  • CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW drive (burning video disc)
  • Sound card
  • Overlay supported display card
  • Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP
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