Usb2lan Network & Wireless Cards Driver


The ethernet port can be connected to a switch to communicate with your Ultimate over your own local network.

  1. We take TL-WN620G for example in this article, but the installation progresses are also suitable for other TP-Link wireless adapter. Step 1 Download the correct driver for your adapter from our website: download-center.html, then extract the downloaded file, or insert the driver CD into the CD ROM of.
  2. Download Asound A-USB2LAN-8515 Driver 2.11.1027.20004 (Network Card).
  3. Cherry USB2LAN proxy. The Cherry USB2LAN proxy is active and makes Cherry electronic health card devices available in the network via SICCT. The Cherry USB2LAN proxy is disabled. (default) Network interface (if the Cherry USB2LAN proxy is enabled) auto: The first network interface with IPv4 address will be used for the proxy.
  4. Figure 1 shows the basic network configuration, which is based on the setup I used for my community center project. It uses three routers - one to share the Internet, and two more to.

The Ultimate 1541-II+ and Ultimate 64 have an integrated ethernet port.

Ultimate 1541-II and compatible usb ethernet adaptor

The Ultimate 1541-II needs a compatible USB Ethernet adaptor that is connected to the USB port of the Ultimate 1541-II.Any USB2LAN adapter that uses an AX88772/-A/-B chip should work.

Please note that the compatible USB Ethernet adaptors will ONLY be stable on the Ultimate 1541-II if the firmware < 3.2.They will work fine on the Ultimate 1541-II+ and Ultimate 64.

Usb2lan Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

It is a highly innovative device that allows you to connect your computer to a 10/100 Mbps network by simply using a USB port. Ensuring blazing fast speed, this adaptor is a great value for money as it is a budget friendly substitute to an Ethernet adapter.

If your Ultimate product has an ethernet port, you can see this when entering the Ultimate menu.The picture above shows a Net0 port, this indicates ethernet is accessible.

Network settings¶

Within the network settings menu the ethernet port can be configured as needed, so it matches with your local network settings.

The Network settings menu is only visible if a ethernet port is available.

Menu nameExplanationOptions(bold default)
Use DHCPGet IP settings from local DHCP Server on your network.Most home routers provide these settings by DHCP.If this is not the case please consult your internet/network provider.DisabledEnabled
Static IPSet custom IP settings, DHCP has to be disabled.This field can be left empty if DHCP is enabled.Inputbox
Static NetworkmaskSet custom networkmask, DHCP has to be disabled.This field can be left empty if DHCP is enabled.Inputbox
Static GatewaySet custom Gateway, DHCP has to be disabled.This field can be left empty if DHCP is enabled.Inputbox
HostnameSet unique network hostname to identify your Ultimate product.Inputbox

RR-net compatibility¶

Some of you may be familiar with the RR-net solution that brings Ethernet to the C-64. Currently, the built-in Ethernet port does not provide RR-net compatibility.


The Ethernet port is used natively by the firmware¶

There is some primitive support for file-transfer using FTP (needs improvement), and it is possible to connect to the Ultimate using a VT-100 terminalprogram on the Telnet port (port 23). This gives the possibility to control the machine remotely, and swap disks without actually interrupting the programrunning on the C-64.

Ultimate-related BBS and IRC clients¶

Since RR-net compatibility is not yet provided, some specific Ultimate software has been developed for accessing BBS and IRC networks.Ulimate Lib is a library (written by Scott Hutter) that gives easy access to the full TCP/IP stack that the Ultimate provides. This library comes along with two sample applications: Ulimate Chat and Ulimate Term, this one co-developed with Francesco Sblendorio.

Applies to: Ultimate 1541-II, Ultimate 1541-II+, Ultimate 64

Good day everyone!

Today we would like to tell about another user experience generously shared with us by Johnny Leung of Beijing Zhongshui Information Network Co., Ltd., who describes how USB Nework Gate helped him to overcome challenges his company encountered.

Company industry: Information Technology and Services

Beijing Zhongshui Information Network Co., Ltd. is a technology company serving taxpayers and provide the agent tax declaration, the agent tax consultation. They conduct technical support and data analysis for Tax bureau through TCIS (Tax Core Information System).

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?


Usb2lan Network Login


Johnny Leung: Our company particularly specializes on foreign trade of electricity sales, electronic transformation.

Our technical department needed some documents to be transformed into an electronic form, and use Ukey appraisal authority and some storage areas. Based on this requirement, I decided to design a hardware motherboard in our company’s machine room, which can be connected to 50 Ukey stores and 50 stores on another motherboard, and provide remote access to them. So, I was looking for a software that would allow them access these Ukeys remotely over the network.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about our software?

Johnny Leung: Simply “googled” the keywords for “usb2lan”, “usb2ip”, “usb redirection”.

Alex Taylor: Did you try any similar product(s) before coming across ours?

Johnny Leung: I have tried USB over Network, USB/IP Project, etc. About 20 related software in total.

Finally, we decided to use USB Network Gate mainly because of a great technical support and excellent before and after sales consultations. You did a good job of incorporating the software as easy as possible, we believe that the cooperation with you is the very right choice.

Alex Taylor: Why did you choose our product over competitors? What made it stand out for you?

Johnny Leung: There are a number of reasons for that:

  1. Excellent technical support!
  2. Simple demo access.
  3. Reliable performance.

Usb2lan Network App

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using our solution?

Johnny Leung: Thanks to USB Network Gate we improved the overall efficiency of the company and reduced the operating costs.

Alex Taylor: Are you happy with our software at this point? Why or why not?

Johnny Leung: 90% satisfied, 10% dissatisfied, because the Linux for ARM Java API is
not very user-friendly at first sight.

Alex Taylor: Do you feel our prices are: high – about right – low?

Johnny Leung: To say the truth, I consider them rather high. However, in terms of service attitude and technical support, it’s definitely worth it.

Usb2lan Network Activate

Alex Taylor: Has our customer support system met your needs?

Usb2lan Network Services

Johnny Leung: Yes, without any doubts!