Thinkwill Modems Driver


Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p Modem Driver for Windows 7 x64 587 downloads. Windows 7 64 bit. Jul 22nd 2012, 06:05 GMT. # step 9: Select the version of the driver x64 for 64 bit and x86 for 32 bit and click Open. # step 10: Click the OK button. # step 11: Select MTK USB Port then click on Next button.,# step 12: Click Install this driver software anyway, If you see warning window. Now the following drivers added to the operating system: – MediaTek DA USB VCOM.

I use thinkwill UE980 in openwrt but have trouble to see the /dev/ttyUSB* device for 3G connection.
I use sniffUSB in windows and see the 3G dongle have below info:
Product ID when insert the USB dongle:
VID:0e8d,PID:0002,REV USB mass storage device
Ater run the windows driver:
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300 : USB composite device
Thinkwill Modems DriverUSBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_00: mediatek Mobile Broadband
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_02: mediatek Modem
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_03: usb application port
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_04: usb speech port
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_05: usb debug portThinkwill Modems Driver
USBVID_0e8d&PID_00a5&REV_0300&MI_06: usb mass storage device

Prolink Modem Driver

I try to sniff the mobile broadband, modem and USB application port and get some info. but i still don't have idea how to modify the device config filel. Anyone can help? Thank you.