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Getting ready for your DMV permit or driver's license test is tough. Sometimes it's hard to find the official source, among other things. We've done the hard part for you and collected the official DMV handbooks for every U.S. 22 inch LCD Touchscreen. Bigger Brighter Screen + Faster CPU = Telikin Elite Silver. Same Easy to Use Computer, in a Premium Version. The 22' Telikin Elite Silver offers software with the same ease of use, worry-free benefits and features plus Text to Speech - it can read your emails to you! The Elite Silver senior computer has a roomy 32 GB Solid State Drive, an HDMI output, and Premium SRS. Always download the fresh copy FIRST. Then remove the current copy and install the fresh copy. When a device is not working you need to find the driver for that device. There are two ways to find the update. First is to go to the computer makers site and downloading their driver (Dell, HP, Asus,etc) Second is to go to the device makers site.

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Recent Articles…

'The Telikin, which has been around for three years now, is an excellent choice.' More

'If you're primarily interested in a home desktop computer, the Telikin, which has been on the market for over two years now, is an excellent option. Ready to go right out of the box, this all-in-one touch-screen computer displays a big button menu on the screen at all times, providing simple access to most functions like the Internet, email, games, video chat, photo sharing, news and weather, and more. Available in two sizes the 18.6-inch Telikin Touch, and the 22-inch Telikin Elite II. These computers come with built-in speakers, a Web camera, microphone, wired keyboard and mouse. They also offer a tech buddy feature so you can access your grandma's Telikin computer remotely from your computer to help her when she needs it. Running on Linux software instead of the standard Windows or Mac OS, the Telikin is also virus-resistant, comes with a 60-day trial period, a one-year warranty and free tech support.'

Jim T. Miller - Savvy Senior syndicated columnist and Author of The Savvy Senior book.

'one foolproof computer…' More

'Tech Support and these cutting-edge apps, websites, and services--not to mention one foolproof computer--can help lighten your load and keep Mom and Dad independent a little longer. Telikin makes ready-to-go computers that require zero tech know-how. Your parents will appreciate the large display and touch screen buttons (labeled with words like videochat and email), which will help them stay connected without making you their one-woman IT department.'

Courtney Rubin - Oprah Winfrey's 'O' magazine

'The Telikin, which has been on the market for over two years now, is an excellent option.' More

'If you're primarily interested in a home desktop computer, the Telikin, which has been on the market for over two years now, is an excellent option. Ready to go right out of the box, this all-in-one touch-screen computer provides a big button menu that displays all your favorite functions on the screen at all times. By simply touching the menu option of your choice with your finger, you can get instant access to the Web, email, games, video chat, photo sharing, news, weather and more. Available in two sizes -- the 18-inch LCD touch-screen with a 320-gigabyte hard drive, ... and the 20-inch LCD touch-screen with 500-gigabytes ... -- all Telikin computers come with built-in speakers, a Web camera, microphone, wired keyboard and mouse. They even offer 'tech buddy' software that your loved ones can download on their computers, so they can access your Telikin remotely to help you when need be. Running on Linux software instead of the standard Windows or Mac OS, the Telikin is also virus-resistant, comes with a 60-day trial period, a one-year warranty and free tech support.'

Jim T. Miller - Savvy Senior syndicated columnist and NBC contributor

'The Telikin is one such specialized system that is promoted as an easy to use machine for anyone seeking a basic computer. The system...' More

'… has a touch-screen interface with large icons and includes built in applications using Web and e-mail. Several reviews of the Telikin can be found around the Web and more information is on the Telikin site'

J.D. Biersdorfer - Gadgetwise Blog NY Times

'The Telikin is a new touchscreen family computer designed to make everyday tasks as easy as possible.' More

'… It is clearly aimed at the older user, which explains why its most vaunted features are social in nature, and make a lot of sense for grandparents with distant relatives. Video chat (thanks to a built-in camera), photo sharing and email are first among its advertised features - all of which come ready to use out of the box, provided an internet connection is available, of course.'

James Holloway - GizMag Author

'The Telikin Touch was initially designed to be a 'senior friendly' PC with a touch interface so users wouldn't need to use the keyboard and mouse. However…' More

'… centered on communication: it's got a simple to use touch interface, so it doesn't have the steep learning curve for a neophyte computer user. The Telikin Touch is built into a standard looking all in one PC chassis, with webcam and an 18-inch widescreen. The Telikin Touch was initially designed to be a 'senior friendly' PC with a touch interface so users wouldn't need to use the keyboard and mouse. However, the system's information retrieval and social networking features should appeal to the general population and families too.'

Joel Santo Domingo - Lead Analyst, PC Magazine Labs

'The Telikin provides a smart mix of software features that cover most of what an older user with basic computing needs would want.' More

'In addition to a Slideshow Viewer, Telikin provides a smart mix of software features that cover most of what an older user with basic computing needs would want. The interface has dedicated areas for Video Chat, Email, Photos, Calendar, Contacts, Weather, News, Web, and Games. A handful of utilities which act more like what we would now know as apps handle other basic copmuting tasks: Backup/Restore, CD Player, Calculator, Conversion, DVD Player, File Manager, PDF Viewer, Slideshow Viewer, Stopwatch, Timer and Write. The last is a word processor.'

Sally Wiener Grotta & Daniel Grotta - Computer Shopper Mag

'The Telikin Computer seems to offer a more ground-up approach to broad usability with its…' More

'… Traditional PC vendors often make claims that a certain application or function is 'easy enough for grandma,' but Chalfont, Penn.-based Telikin seems to offer a more ground-up approach to broad usability with its 20-inch Elite and 18-inch Touch touch-screen all-in-ones. Forgoing Windows, these systems use a custom operating system designed to provide intuitive access to basic computing functions like Web browsing, video chats, and other typical light-duty media consumption and communication-oriented tasks.'

Rich Brown - Senior Editor CNET Reviews

What the Experts Say…

'Nothing comes close to Telikin'

We have been studying this field for over five years...; More

'…and testing various computers, nothing comes close to Telikin. With its intuitive and structured menu of applications and clear-cut user interface, Telikin is the first computer truly made for baby boomers and older.'

Jean Coppola, PhD - Professor of Gerontechnology, Pace University

'One touch away from anything you want to do'

Watch Video

Jim Miller - Savvy Senior, NBC & SavvySenior.org KFOR TV

'Computing without the Learning Curve' More

'To judge by the eighty somethings at my church who pester me for technology advice, you're never too old to start using computers, although statistics suggest otherwise. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, less than a third of US citizens over the age of 75 ever go online.
A Pennsylvania company called Venture 3 Systems LLC figures that's because today's personal computers are just too difficult to use. Well, they've certainly solved that problem. Their new Telikin, is a desktop device that serves up all the pleasures of the Internet, with hardly any of the frustration.
Telikin attacks the problem from two angles. Like everybody else, seniors find computer software confusing and hard to operate.
Older users also must cope with fading eyesight and trembling fingers, which make it hard to read tiny on-screen menus or steer a computer mouse.
So Venture 3 bought and adapted a bunch of touchscreen computers made by Micro-Star International Co. of Taiwan. The touchscreen means that users can bypass the mouse and tap onscreen icons to control vital features. As for software, Telikin abandoned Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, replacing it with its own secret sauce, a customized version of the free Linux operating system.
That means that standard Windows programs, from Microsoft Office to Modern Warfare 2, won't run on the Telikin.
But on the upside, Telikin features a bold, simple user interface that's far easier for beginners than any Windows box. Users get painless, instant access to the computer's most valuable services simply by touching a few on-screen icons.
At start-up, you see the latest news headlines, the weather, notices of any incoming messages, and even a lovely landscape photo and an inspiring quote for the day. Along the left edge of the screen are icons to activate Telikin's key features. Touch an icon, and there's your e-mail box. Touch another, and you see a selection of popular websites about news, weather, entertainment, or religion. Pick the site you want, and a simplified version of the Firefox browser brings it to you. Want to video chat with the grandkids? Another icon launches the Skype Internet chat service and a directory of friends and relatives. A webcam and microphone are built into the MSI computer; touch the screen to place the call. I found video resolution to be mediocre, but the sound quality was excellent.
The Telikin (Touch) has a 320-gigabyte hard drive (500GB in Telikin Elite) for saving important documents, photos, and videos, and its built-in DVD drive lets it double as a movie player. It's easily connected to any home broadband system with an Ethernet port or a built-in Wi-Fi wireless system.'

Hiawatha Bray - Boston Globe Staff Tops in Tech

'For many Baby Boomers‚ the perfect device to get and stay connected.'

Telikin has an elegant solution… More

'…for keeping in touch with its easy to use all-in-one computer.'

Jessica McKenna - National Girl Gadgets Examiner

'Touch Screens are the New Mouse‚ AARP Online Review: Telikin Computer'

Keep the fun part of personal computing… More

'… - the Web browsing, e-mail, calendar, photo sharing, games and video chat - and lose the complexity and virus risk. Deliver it all in an 18.6-inch touch-screen device and you have the Telikin Computer, a pleasure both for the recipient who's intimidated by the typical PC, and the family member tasked with providing tech support.
Running custom Linux software instead of the standard Windows or Mac OS, the Telikin doesn't lack for features, including a 320-gigabyte hard drive, 4 USB ports, a memory card reader, wired keyboard and mouse.'

What Our Customers Say…

'I LOVE my computer & I love the V.I.P. service!!!!!!!!!!!!!… ' More

'Please managers of Tech Support, I would like to commend Don for his expertise, his help w/my computer and with his patience. I LOVE my computer & I love the V.I.P. service!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Carol S., Cape Coral, FL

'awesome, innovative, fun to use PC … ' More

'I have to saythat without a doubt my buying experience with your company was a most satisfying event in every respect!

I came in contact... with several members of your Customer Support team. And in each of those occasions, your front line people represented you and your company very well with their affability and high degree of professionalism.

It's truly a awesome, innovative, fun to use PC. Obviously it was primarily designed with both simplicity and style in mind for senior citizens like me.

Along with the computer...you included a[n] impressive user's manual which I could see was nicely formulated with really useful, indispensible information... what more could possibly anxious...seniors ask for?'

Phil R., Fort Worth, TX - View Actual Letter

'Couldn't believe how quick it was to set up … ' More

'I just got the Elite 20 system for my mom and I want to say it is a very nice and easy to use system. Couldn't believe how quick it was to set up and love the 20 inch screen.

In a matter of minutes I had it hooked up, running on our cable modem, and she was sending email for the first time in her life... [T]he computer is awesome and was extremely easy to use.

First thing my mom said was it was very easy for her to read.

You have a great product.'

Tony A., Evansville, IL

'Finally the computer world is open to me!!!' More

'I am so thrilled with the computer product and support system from Telikin!! Never before has it been so easy for me to get support and use a computer!

I'm in heaven!! THANK YOU !

Finally the computer world is open to me!!!'

Judith F., Manchester, NJ

The computer store of sacramento driver download windows 10

'I just wanted to say, that this was a great investment.' More

'I just wanted to say, that this was a great investment. I live with my grand parents, and my Grandfather can operate windows but when he makes a mistake or gets onto an unknown screen he didn't know what to do.

I knew at the time I could have purchased a faster computer for a cheaper cost. However the key thing that Telikin provided was an easy to use operating system. I used to work for Dell in technical support. It really did eliminate half of the questions he would pop up on me, or call some poor tech in the middle of the night. Also I've noticed the improvements with some of the updates.

The linux based os, eliminated his subscription to antiviral software, so he's recouped the higher cost in that savings over time.

He's now 2 years later discovered Skype on it. I've used it a few times to talk to my friends, but now he's trying it with my family.

He's now trying to see about getting the Bible on it, to read and listen to but I'd have to check it out first.

We have been really happy with the product, most of the issues I have is with the printer any more. (he's never figured it out how to change the cartridges). Or he's left a writing pen that got stuck inside and is causing a jam.

Thank you again for an excellent product. With a great operating system.'

Ryan M., Copper Canyon, TX

'Thank you again for making a computer for seniors' More

'My mom is 87 years old. She had WebTV for about 10 years and really enjoyed keeping up with friends and family via email. She especially liked to stay in touch with my son who is a Commander in the Navy and travels all over the world. Well mom's WebTV would not work anymore and she was very upset that she couldn't email. I did a Google Search to find out more about the WebTV and see if they made it anymore and found that they were not. Then I noticed on my 'search' an advertisement for your Telikin Computer. I read all about it and the reviews. I sent the information to my sister and my grandson and we all agreed that this sounded like a great answer for my mother. Well she bought the computer and we had it installed along with WiFi. She is just going nuts playing with her computer. She never did anything but email, so this has been quite an experience for her. I showed her how she could check out the 'news' portion of her screen. I showed her the 'games' that she could play. I showed her how she could watch QVC live. My grandson would send pictures of our grand kids and she was never able to open them with her WebTV. Now with her new computer she can see everything, even the videos.

I just wanted to let you know that it has been so satisfying to see my 87 year old mother enjoying her computer so much. I have been singing your praises all over. Thank you again for making a computer for seniors.'

Megan M., Hilliard, OH

'...the most incredible device I have ever seen in a long time' More

'Just wanted to say that this computer is the most incredible device I have ever seen in a long time, I placed the order for my father. Because now webtv service will no longer be working soon, Where do I start ... having nearly all the capabilities and speed of a regular computer. But having the design factor modeled for a senior citizen shows the level of caring that Telikin has put into this system. Also a plus no anti-virus needed, speedy fast and easy to use my Dad loves his! Thank you Telikin also for your excellent customer support through phone and remote management! God Bless! You've made my Father and I very happy!'

Read his Facebook post

Jeffrey H. on Facebook

'I for one am glad to be a part of the Telikin experience...' More

'I just want to thank all the people at Telikin for making a product that is user friendly when as for me, I am not of the thechnical age.

The product is great but even greater are the people of Telikin. In my opinion they are one big family and as for me they make me feel a part of their family.

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences from the purchase to the set up on the technical side. No fustration on their part at my lack of computer knowledge.

All I can say is if anyone has any doubt about Telikin in any way, just forget it, I for one am glad to be a part of the Telikin experience.

William F., Apex, NC

'Easy to get connected, easy to get going...' More

'Kudos to the Telikin Team for crafting a solution for regular people. Yesterday the Telikin Elite arrived at Quail Haven Village for my 88 year young Mom. Out of the box, she said 'It's beautiful'. A manual ! Instructions ! How amazing is that ! Big colorful buttons ! Full Touch! A keyboard that you can actually see the letters ! As friends stop by..Mom says 'Isn't it beautiful?'

Easy to get connected, easy to get going, just follow the instructions. I called the customer support line to help figure out something...an actual person answered, in English ! .. and then he took control of my Telikin and we watched him fix it. That's they way its supposed to be. Awesome!

As we were deciding to select a new computer to replace her corrupted XP PC, I was reluctantly thinking that we would be replacing it with a Windows 8 platform...(I was hoping for a Windows 7 platform) .. the typical Microsoft approach..which I have never liked. Operating Systems are not solutions...they are just plumbing for techies. Regular people, especially our seniors and now boomers, want solutions. Things that work...all the time. Just like a toaster.!

I'm 65 and retired from a big computer corporation. I am very familiar with high performance, reliable, distributed, easy to use systems that are centrally managed. Before helping Mom out, I was not aware of Telikin...but after searching for 'computers for seniors' and landing on your page...I was so excited to see what you have done. It's perfect ! and its the exact same business model that I am familiar with. A locked down kernel for an OS, idiot proof, easy to use, a software release strategy, good hardware, always works, good doc, minimized from virus chances, central help, and most importantly...its a soup to nuts solution. And Mom thinks...'It's beautiful !'. I think its elegant. Good Job Telikin Team.'

Read his Facebook post

Tom P., Wilmington, NC

'Bought this computer for my mother who is mostly housebound...she feels less isolated and alone...thank you Telikin!' More

'Bought this computer for my mother who is mostly housebound and completely non technical...she has been emailing and skypeing family and friends. She told me that she feels less isolated and alone...thank you Telikin!'

Debbie W., Needham, MA

'This is an Amazing Product!' More

'I received my Telikin with no problems. I kid you not, in the time it took me to make my morning coffee, I had my mom's computer up and running and her gmail downloading. I wanted to test it out and get it set up before reboxing it and giving it to her for Christmas (my kids want to give it to her at Thanksgiving instead of waiting for Christmas).
I've bought many electronics over the years and many computers, and never do they really live up to the hype or the allure of making your life simplier as portrayed in the slick advertising. I'm rather skeptical when it comes to electronics for that very reason. Well, you proved me wrong. After using the Telikin for about 2 hours I can honestly say that it does exactly what you advertise. In fact, your ads really do not do it justice because it's an absolutly beautiful product, genius in it's simplicity, and it works flawlessly. Beat that Apple!
So, after years of trying to help keep my mom 'on line', after years of trying to provide her with tech support (with great frustration), after countless hours trying to dumbdown her PC to get rid of all the bells and whistles she doesn't need (and that just confuse her), after years of buying expensive virus protection and lugging her computer into the shop when all fails, after years of telephone calls at work from my mom saying her 'computer is broke' because she can't remember how to get to her email - I have finally found something that will make my life so much easier and her life simplier. Between my business and my teenagers, I already have five PCs that I have to keep working and it's not easy. However, now I don't have to worry about also trying to help my mom with hers. This is an amazing product! When my home PC bites the dust, I'm going to replace it with a Telikin!'

Kathy K., Gold River, CA

'…you make a fine product and I enjoy it daily. It has really changed my life!....' More

'Hello Telikin Staff, I have wanted a personal computer for a long time, but I did NOT want the complicated problems that can go with it. I am a senior and so I was cautious about this. I decided to get a 20' touch screen Telikin because this computer seemed to be less complex & easier for a senior to deal with. It was a very good decision. I got my computer & printer copier in Aug. 2011. I now exchange E mails with friends & family, do on-line searches, and one of my favorite things to do is to watch videos of my favorite artists. I really love the fact that Telikin can send me a blog from time to time with new information & it rolls right off the printer so I can look at the copy whenever I choose. Also when used as a copy machine I often do copies in color which I enjoy. Also Telikin has a very nice staff of people who can help if there are any questions.
Thank you Telikin. I believe you make a fine product and I enjoy it daily. It has really changed my life!'

Carol S., 'The Villages', Lady Lake, FL

'I was looking for a total solution...it really had to be intuitive...easy to learn...easy to use...and you would use it every day...and at a good price point, that's how we chose Telikin.' More

'Tech Buddy allows me to see exactly what my mother sees...I can guide her or move the mouse myself...that has helped us alot.'

Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents

'It's a very friendly computer...' More

'…it's almost like a friend... I think Skype is wonderful...it's very clear... you feel like you could touch the person [you are video chatting with]'

Dale's Mother, Beverly

'Telikin brings the people I care about just a touchscreen away.' More

The Computer Store Of Sacramento Driver download

'The Telikin has had a major impact on my life. Using a computer is so much easier now with the touch screen, as I have limited use of my hand. I am on my computer every day video chatting with family and friends, watching movies, surfing the web, and sharing photos. The Telikin has helped me to stay connected and I can’t imagine not having it. I was introduced to The Telikin when our rehabilitation department at United Hebrew of New Rochelle invited me to be part of a research project with the Telikin company. I loved it so much, I called a relative and he bought me one and donated two to United Hebrew. They are in the library and now other residents can enjoy them too. Thanks Telikin, for creating a computer that brings the people I care about just a touchscreen away.'

Pam L., New Rochelle, NY

Amazon Reviews…

'My love for Telikin!' More

'As I am a 100 year old woman, what a blessing it is for me to have purchased the Telikin Computer. I am homebound and to have access to the outside world is indeed a miracle. The Technicians from Telikin, each and every one, have supported me in such an easy way to understand the Telikin. As I have low vision, I was helped considerably and the reading of my email, websites, and etc. I am eternally grateful to all the wonderful staff for helping me beyond my expectations.'

Ida Chayet - Amazon Review

'Exellent computer for seniors' More

'Excellent computer for seniors. I am a Linux system administrator, and I got this for my mother. She seems very happy with it. She has issues with short-term memory and is not technically inclined. I love the tech buddy feature! It works very well. The only thing that doesn't work well is video chat. Spent a lot of time with customer service folks, who were very professional, but due to the recent merger of Skype and Microsoft, the Telikin video chat interface won't work as advertised. Telikin says they are working on the problem and will install an update sometime in the future. Other than that, I am very happy with this computer, and so is my mother.'

Amazon Customer - Amazon Review

'Easy to use' More

The Computer Store Of Sacramento Driver Download

'My husband has never been interested in operating a computer. He is dyslexic and had difficulty understanding the idiosyncrasies of each computer. This computer is very easy to operate especially for a beginner.'

H. Morey - Amazon Review

'I think I'm in Love...with this Computer' More

'Over the years my siblings have endeavored to help our mother connect with her children and grandchildren by buying her a PC and setting it up. Regardless of the effort, our mother was in a constant struggle with computer functions and her frustration was endless as she tried but just 'couldn't get it'. So when she asked me to buy her a new computer on a weekend visit, I knew I HAD to do better. As someone who has managed large senior groups for healthcare systems, I quickly did some homework and landed on the Telikin website. Time was of the essence. I called the company and spoke with their representative who assured me that the computer was easy to install, easy to learn and more importantly, he could get it to my mothers home when I was to arrive (in 48 hours). True to his word, the computer arrived and the most difficult part of the installation was getting the computer out of the box! In 10 minutes it was up and running and in 30 minutes my 88 year old mother was checking her email, saving her pictures and looking at her FB page. Two days later she emailed me 'I think I'm in love...with this computer!' If you've ever tried to get an aging parent, friend or loved one 'on line' and 'internet connected' and been frustrated by the major computer players, Telekin is the answer! Yes, it costs more than your 'black Friday' door buster computer, but it will work, it will be easy to install, it will be easy to use and the few extra dollars will long be forgotten. .'

Gail W - Amazon Review

'She has loved it! This computer is easy to use,' More

'I ordered this computer for my 90 year old mother in law who decided to take an interest in email. She has loved it! This computer is easy to use, makes it foolproof to return to the home page, and keeps virtual keys to all functions accessible at all times. The tech support is timely, friendly, and keenly responsive. This is a marvelous computer for users of ALL ages.'

Bob Shaw - Amazon Review

The Computer Store Of Sacramento Driver Downloads

'Computer is excellent and practical for business or personal use - for any age...' More

'The Telikin Elite ll - 22' Touchscreen Wow! Computer is excellent and practical for business or personal use - for any age. It contains the essentials, extras (DVD, CD, photos, weather...), and is easier to use. The free telephone computer Support has been patient, available, and has a can-do attitude. For example, (1) Although my business website was not directly, identically transferable, the Support built a new, similar website (that required a small website fee), and (2) My other MP3 player was not compatible but the Support found an (inexpensive) Eclipse MP3 player with memory card that downloaded songs. Also there are some reasonably priced HP printers/copiers that are compatible with this computer. The set-up was simple, my e-mail transferred easily, and all documents sent have been readable (not so with my Dell Computer). It is a time-saver for shopping online, etc... since it is well-organized and does not freeze.'

Vicki G. - Amazon Review

'Very pleased, excellent product,' More

'This computer does not need any virus scanning programs, such as McAfee or Norton. The Linux operating system is resistant to viruses, so you will save money by not needing to purchase any of that. It also comes with a built in word processing component, so you won't need to purchase additional word processing software. The only thing we were not expecting is that, at this point, the printer must be hooked up to the Telikin computer using a USB cable. I bought an HP wireless printer, but this computer can't connect wirelessly to the printer. The computer DOES connect wirelessly to the internet though. My mother loves this computer with the large print touch screen (comes with a touch stylus to avoid fingerprints) and large print keyboard. The images are VERY clear and high quality.'

JB - Amazon Review

'buy this now!!!!!!!'
ok, this is possibly the best purchase i have ever made… More

'ok, this is possibly the best purchase i have ever made. My mom 88 , just lost her husband of 66 years and is sad beyond belief. my dad had a computer, i have a tablet, my sister has an ipad and we have all tried to get my mom interested in the technology to give her a vehicle to participate with all her children and grandchildren. this is the one that has drawn her in to enjoy what technology has to offer. she does not fear that she will fail because she sees how easy it is to understand. she wants to try because she is not intimidated by it. i don't care how good an interface is, if a person is intimidated and feels stupid using it, they will not even try. my mom loves her telikin and i am so happy that it works for her. thanks you for giving my mom something to look forward to each day. the facebook pictures, video chat and email are all so fun for her. and she loves the news and calendar feature as well. she did email me and say 'typing is hard, but thanks for helping me, love, mommy' she likes the keyboard better then the touch screen for emails and she is learning to use it. thanks again for helping me to help my mom through such a tough time.'

Frances R. Sorem - Amazon Review

'This computer was just perfect for my mother!' More

'This computer was just perfect for my mother. My mother knew the basics to a window based operating system and was capable with a computer but was intimidated by all of the software updates, etc. Fear that she would mess something up. She is able to get on this computer and browse the internet, send emails, share photos, etc., without the fear of having to do software updates, worrying about virus's, or just messing up her computer in general. Seriously, albeit this computer is limited in the fact that you cannot open multiple browser windows or add additional software...it is just perfect for the person that doesn't want any responsibility for those actions. She knows it's restricted but that is perfect for her. She had a window based desktop that she rarely used....to now turning on her computer on a daily basis and checking her email! BTW she now even has a facebook account! Also....I would guess it depends on your internet provider but her you tube video response time is great! My husband and I are contemplating getting us one!'

Judy Cartwright - Amazon Review

'Telikin Elite, Excellent Product' More

'Excellent product. I ordered this for my mother who simply can not understand regular computers, and everything the sales brochure said about this product was true. It did only take 5 minutes to set up, and it is beyond user-friendly. I wish my computers were as easy to use as this one. I did contact the help group once with a question, and they were very friendly and helpful. My mom is able to use this computer all by herself for accessing the internet and e-mailing. It is a bit pricey as far as computers go, but well worth it to watch my mom use it without being frustrated.'

sefekh - Amazon Review

'Thank You Telikin.' More

'One year ago, we gave my 71-year-old mother an android-tablet (which I setup first and shipped to her) as entertainment and to be able to see her family's facebook pages, e-mail, etc. As a result of 50+ years of rheumatoid arthritis (diagnosed when she was 16) a touch-screen, using a stylus, was imperative. Surprising us all (the woman never used a computer in her life, and still types invoices for a family business on an old electric typwriter) she used her little 8-inch tablet CONSTANTLY. Yes, she plays Words with Friends, Angry Birds, a few non-revenue gambling games, watches Netflix, etc.

Now, I'm fairly tech-savvy, and subscribe to the 'do it without the book first' modus operandi. In less than 20 minutes, out of the box, we had the Telikin up & running, connected to wifi, facebook, e-mail, and she was able to do most basic tasks without help. Seriously... If I had given her a laptop... a MacBook, even... do you suppose that would have been the case? No. I'm in the graphics industry, and have run both Mac & PC... I have a bit of experience here.

I did have to call tech support once regarding my facebook photos not showing up in her gallery. Want to talk about good customer service? Three thumbs up (that is, if I had a third thumb). They answered fast, spoke english, were courteous, and SOLVED the problem. How about that?

A few things which clearly differed from the tablet: No Netflix. this IS a bummer, but there are a number of streaming video services which the Telikin handles just fine. Hopefully, in the future, they remedy this issue. Games: Both Angry Birds and Words with Friends must be played on the Telikin using a web-based interface (as opposed to an app) I created bookmarks to the facebook versions of both and linked to her facebook login. They had a learning-curve of about 15 minutes, and work flawlessly.

One exceptionally cool feature -- the Telikin automatically imports her facebook friends AND their photo albums (depending on their permissions restrictions) which means grandma can now see all new photos I upload to my facebook profile, and can even save them to a folder that the Telikin uses as a screen-saver. Kudos, Telikin. Grandma now has a 20 (or 18)-inch HD digital-frame... Well done.

I don't work for Telikin. I have no financial interest in blowing their horn. After spending a substantial amount of time researching tablets, realizing the iPad would be great (I own one), but was still a bit small, a bit buggy, had to be updated, etc... I think the Telikin, with it's few minor limitations, is the best choice for my mature, but still-on-the-ball mom. Hands down. I now receive coherent e-mails from my mother, and she gets to see my uploaded photos right away, without the long phone-call where I try to explain how to open an attachment. Did I forget to mention TechBuddy? Skype? Those work too... without issue. It's worth the money, especially if you live some distance from your parents... grandparents... whatever. Telikin has earned my respect & review... a rare thing, indeed. '

In Illinois - Amazon Review

'Worth the extra $$ -- it's about the comfort, not the technology' More

'Over the years I've looked at several computers which were 'senior friendly'. In the past, they all pretty much were shells over Windows, which essentially added another layer of code that could go wrong. This computer is Linux-based, and everything is coded from the ground up for senior use.
Although my mother is not a complete technophobe, she is not comfortable with technology, and my father retired early rather than deal with computers in his business, so he would never allow one in the house. A couple years ago she bought an HP laptop and hired a woman to help her set it up and learn how to use it. SInce the woman was a senior herself, we thought this might work out ok. It has been a disaster. There were so many cautions and 'don't do this' and different menus involved that she would get frustrated and eventually quit trying. Add to this trying to deal with at&t's email system and she hasn't gone near it in months. A couple weeks ago she decided to give it another go and things turned into a complete farce, until I finally figured what the consultant had done and also determined that there is an apparent fault in the keyboard.
Then my mother spotted this computer in the aarp magazine (it is marketed there under another name -- but it is the same machine-at the same price,). When it first arrived and she opened the box and saw cables and a keyboard box she felt a little intimidated and was ready to send it back, but she called the company and calmed down a bit, and then told me about it and showed me the ad. When I went online I realized it was the same machine that was getting good reviews and that nothing else out there seems to be in the same class, so I convinced her it give it a try. There is a 60 day trial period, during which she gets free 'VIP' service, which normally runs about $10 a month.
On the day I was set to help her set it up, she opened the box, and, following the pictures in the manual (which runs to almost 100 large-type pages), had everything connected before we got there. While she and my wife were talking, I had it up and running.in about 10 minutes (or less). We set her up with a new gmail account and within a few minutes she was in front of the machine.
To begin with, she was impressed with how bright the screen was (although it can be adjusted) and how easy everything was to read. When I showed her how she could navigate using the touch screen buttons down the left side she was thrilled. She was happy that she didn't have to log in (you can set it up for different users but we didn't need to) The web home page has links to pretty much the web pages she'll most need, but additional sites can be added. All the links are at least one inch buttons and logos as well as names and, of course, operate by touch. She was pleased that she doesn't need to use the mouse and only needs the keyboard when actually putting information in.
We had a minor issue with email and called the support number. They are open until 8pm eastern time and we called at 7:55. After about a two minute wait, the US based support person answered. You could tell it was end of the day, but the person talked us through the issue. Try calling any other computer company five minutes before tech support closes and see how far you get.
When you do need to make changes in settings, sometimes they take a while to propagate and you think they haven't taken effect, but they have
We walked my mother through the menu system and showed her how to shut down the computer, then had her re-start it and play a game of solitaire. I told her to practice using the touch screen (she tends to press harder than necessary but remove her finger too fast) by playing with the game, and also to practice her mouse skills (which she'll still need on some web sites) The important point we emphasized is that she can't hurt the machine or lock it up. If she gets in any trouble all she has to do is hit the 'home' button at the upper left and start over. She's already spent more time with this machine than she ever did with the laptop;
And that's the important point. This review has already rambled on too long, but there are many features of the operating system that were clearly thought through for seniors and those uncomfortable with computers for whatever reason. And you can't mess it up. That, more than anything else, makes it worth while for my mother. All software, security, and system updates are sent automatically by the company, so there are no annoying popups or emails.or concerns about how to download and install.
I've seen complaints in other reviews about the cost of this computer because the physical machine could be purchased for half the price and installing outside programs is basically not possible. These completely miss the point. The simple, unbreakable OS with all the basics (email, web, skype, basic office applications, pdf reader and more) on a large bright touch screen and support that is geared toward novices and actually answers the phone are the whole point of this machine. That is what you are paying for, and, in my estimation it is well worth it. '

Robert Riley 'Information Seeker' - Amazon Review

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'Soooooo Easy to Use' More

'My mother was given a regular computer a while back and was utterly frustrated by it. At age 80 she couldnt even master email on it. She was lost. I was a little skeptical about the Telikin after reading one of the reviews. However, at Christmas, the family gave her one as a gift. I was amazed at how much more quickly she picked this up. Now she emails me regularly, Is able to save photos, listens to Pandora effortlessly, bookmarks favorites, plays bridge online, and surfs the web. It is a lot more intuitive than a regular computer. I even enjoy using it when I come to visit her. She is very set in her ways though. I was just trying to teach her to use the middle scroll dial on the mouse and she insisted that the best way to scroll was by dragging the scrollbar on the right of her moniter with her mouse. LOL. Mother knows best. I highly recommend it for the elderly.'

Quiltbat - Amazon Review

'I Love It' More

'At last a computer that is easy for me to use. a keyboard that is easy to read. I am 86 years of age and this is the third computer I have had, and by far the best. It also helps me not having the third party installations.I was getting awfully tired of all those unwanted ads. The opportunity of using a touch screen as well as a mouse is a great feature also. '

Elise Smith - Freestone, CA - Amazon Review