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Combining high-precision recording and communication technology that leaps ahead in its field for information devices

By integrating recording technologies for all types of information, including sound, images, data, etc. with the remarkable advances being made in communication technologies, TEAC is steadfastly meeting the challenges of developing high quality technology, products and services that customers demand. TEAC is poised to make a major leap forward in the field of information technology.

Music is the product of a refined sensibility. In this domain, TEAC has consistently maintained the principle of faithfully reproducing the real essence of sound in recording and playback. During the postwar reconstruction period, TEAC was acclaimed for the design of its recording and playback systems used by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).


Measurement Devices

Technology to Measure, Collect, and Integrate data for analysis

By developing and producing measurement and analysis devices, marketing and providing support, TEAC will contribute to R&D, basic technology development, and labor-saving at manufacturing sites in the industrial, disaster prevention, environmental, and basic medical sectors.
After a measurement device measures and collects data, that data is recorded and integrated during the analysis and processing stages. The data thus compiled will yield valuable information for customers.

Video and Image Recording Devices

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Integration of Video and Image Recording Technologies with Vibration and Impact Resistant Technologies

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TEAC is highly regarded around the world for its image and video recording technologies employed in special VTRs that can be used under harsh environments such as those encountered in space exploration. We also offer disc recorders for large-volume medical images for ultrasonic, microscopic, funduscopic examinations.
Using basic technology for high-precision mechanics and image compression, we are developing new video and image recording devices for these image monitoring markets.

In-flight Entertainment Products

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In-flight entertainment in the skies worldwide

TEAC has developed in-flight entertainment video players based on years of research into VTR technology.
The device is designed for use under harsh conditions, so it features durable, compact and light weight design, as well as low power consumption. Perfectly fulfilling all of the requirements for passenger planes.

TEAC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan - January 2020... TASCAM introduces the Model 12 Integrated Production Suite. The Model 12 is a multitrack recording mixer for audio and multimedia creators featuring an integrated 12 track multitrack recorder, USB audio interface, 10 input mixer, MIDI connectivity, click output, and DAW controller.

Combining the feel and interface of analog recording and mixing with the efficient workflow and pristine quality associated with digital production, the compact and affordable Model 12 is perfect for desktop-style audio and multimedia production, small format live performances as well as podcasting and live streaming.

Teac Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download

Applications include music production, multimedia production, remix/EDM creation, songwriting, and live performance where a solo artist plays along with tracks and/or beats.

10 inputs allow connection of a range of audio sources, from microphones to instruments and/or rhythm/beat sources. Channels 1-6 feature combo XLR/1/4-inch inputs utilizing TASCAM's Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) microphone preamplifiers with 48-volt Phantom power. Stereo channels 7/8 and 9/10 feature combo XLR/1/4-inch Left channel inputs with adjoining Right channel 1/4-inch inputs. Channel 9/10 also allows portable device connection such as mobile phones and tablets with connection via a 1/8-inch TRRS mini connector or Bluetooth 5.0 connection.
The Model 12's internal 12-track multitrack recorder records WAV files (up to 48kHz/24-bit) directly to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards (up to 512 GB capacity). Basic external DAW control (Faders, Mute, Pan, Solo, Record arming, Play, Record, Stop, FF/Rew, Jog) is available using HUI/MCU protocol emulation. The internal recorder allows simultaneous recording/playback of 12 tracks (10 tracks and stereo master) to and from SD cards. Punch in/out is also available.

The Model 12 incorporates unique songwriting features and live play functionality not found in other mixers in this class. A dedicated Click Output feature facilitates streamlined operation for playing live or for recording environments when overdubbing parts. An internal metronome with TAP TEMPO is also included as a guide click.

The Model 12's built-in USB Audio Interface can send/receive (12-in/10 out) audio data with up to 24 bit/48kHz recording quality to and from a wide range of popular DAWs, including GarageBand and more.

Via the onboard Channel Mode, an input source switch on each channel (including stereo paired channels) is selectable to live input, internal multitrack recorder (MTR) or USB for versatility. This enables mixing of live performance inputs with recorded tracks from the internal MTR or an external DAW.

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Outputs include stereo MAIN (XLR) and SUB (1/4' balanced) stereo outputs, AUX1 and AUX2 (1/4' balanced) outputs and two individual 1/4-inch STEREO phones outputs. Integrated MIDI IN/OUT functionality is offered including MIDI sync and MTC, as is a dual FOOTSWITCH feature for external footswitch control of the onboard digital recorder, punch in/out and more when recording or performing live.

Each channel strip features 60mm faders with 16 TASCAM selectable and editable effects (including reverb, delay, chorus, flange), a 1-knob compressor, and a 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid-range frequency and 100Hz Low-cut Filter.

Two AUX Outputs are offered on each channel for flexibility in monitoring and effects routing. Selectable Mute, MAIN/SUB, and SOLO (PFL/In-place) switches are available on each input channel for versatile audio and signal routing options during recording or mixing.

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Featuring a faux wood-paneled retro-styling that reflects its analog character and heritage in the groundbreaking TASCAM Model mixers and PORTASTUDIO, the new TASCAM Model 12 Integrated Production Suite brings dynamic new features and functionality to songwriters, artists and creators in audio, multimedia, and remix/dance music production.