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National Truck Driving Championships
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T.D. Dawson

FedEx Express
Maryland – 1st place Step Van Class

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T.D. won the Step Van title at the Maryland TDC to qualify for his second NTDC in three years. He also won the 2014 Step Van title. A professional driver for 20 years – all of them with FedEx Express based in Crofton – T.D. has logged more than 550,000 safe-driving miles. In his free time, T.D. enjoys playing billiards, bowling, fishing and grilling. He and his wife Nikki have two children: Anthony (19) and T.J. (6). The Dawson family lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

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T&D Driver

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Hometown: Glen Burnie, Md.
Career Years Driving: 20
Years With FedEx: 20
Safe Driving Miles: 550,000