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  1. Suprema ID FAP20-certified BM-Slim2 Integrated into Elyctis ID BOX One 152 and 341. 2020-09-11 + EVENTS.
  2. Suprema ID FAP20-certified BM-Slim2 Integrated into Elyctis ID BOX One 152 and 341. 2020-09-11 + EVENTS.
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Suprema is a leading global provider of access control, time & attendance and biometrics solutions. Suprema’s extensive range of portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules.

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Suprema’s biometric time and attendance solution is tailored to fulfill the dynamic demands of the construction industry. Powered by the world’s best facial recognition technology and loads of industry-specific features, Suprema is a renowned expert in the construction industry and construction site management.More

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Powered by Suprema’s world-leading biometrics, our distributed access control solution offers unrivaled reliability, flexibility, and enhanced management from the server racks to the lobby.More


Our solution provides state-of-the-art biometric access control solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions around the world. Based on our expertise in the healthcare industry, Suprema provides a secure, flexible and advanced solution to meet challenging needs from the healthcare facilities.More


Operating a commercial office facility means ensuring the necessary safety processes and convenience. Suprema provides a comprehensive range of secure, reliable and convenient access control features to the modern office environment.More


With security as the highest priority, enables operators of infrastructure to monitor all restricted sectors. The integration of third-party systems, such as video surveillance, provides additional options to enhance security measures. With our proven expertise in highly secured property protection, Suprema served major critical infrastructure facilities over the world. Our solution goes far beyond access control to address complex layers of critical infrastructures.More


When it comes to manufacturing facilities, operational efficiency, safety, and health regulatory compliance are the key measures. With our industry-leading biometrics, mobile credentialing and network security technologies, Suprema provides highly-secure, scalable and cost-effective access control solutions for modern manufacturing facilities.More
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Biomini is the USB fingerprint reader used for biometric enrollment.

Supported devices in BioStar 2 are shown in the link below:

Biomini agent / USB Agent needs to be installed in the client PC in order to recognize the device in BioStar 2.

You can download the program from Setting > Usb Agent of BioStar 2 web client


Up to BioStar 2.3, the program was called Biomini Agent because only biomini was used with the program.

However in BioStar 2.4 the program's name changed to USB Agent because it now supports DE-620 as well.

Suprema Fingerprint Scanner Driver


Note: Although you have a option to check 'run on Windows startup', the USB Agent will not run automatically (up to BioStar 2.5) because of a bug.

You will have to run USB Agent manually in the Windows start menu when you restart your PC.

[This feature does not work up to BioStar 2.5]

1. Install the latest driver

First check that the latest fingerprint driver is installed (version 2.2)

Direct download link:

Note: unplug the Biomini when you are installing the driver.

The driver can also be found at Suprema ID homepage : download center.

Suprema Driver

Login is required in accordance with your account.

2. Check Device manager

Open device manager and check that Suprema Fingerprint Scanner is detected properly.

3. Check USB Agent Certification

USB Agent is running. You can search it in the Windows start menu.

Once the program is running right click on the USB Agent icon on the system tray and click Setup.

Click Enroll Certificates and click Yes when a Security Warning popup appears to enroll the certificate.

Restart the service by clicking Stop and then Start

4. Check the BioStar 2 Device menu

If all settings are configured properly, the device should appear as a USB device on the Device menu.


Suprema Driver

1. Check if the USB Agent port is being used by another service

You currently (BioStar 2.5) cannot change the default port use of the USB Device Agent of 8081 and 8082 because of a UI bug.

Check that port 8081 and 8082 is not being used by another service.

Refer to the guide below:

If another service is using port 8081 and 8082 then service will crash or 'Started' will be not shown when you click Start.
Remove the other service that is using the same ports.

Or you can change the Biomini Agent port in BioStar 2.6 as desired and above as shown below:

Suprema Driver License

If you must change the USB Agent port in BioStar 2.5 or below refer to the guide below:

2. Change Access privileges
If you're getting the error below every time when scanning the fingerprint with Biomini, it is likely that USB Agent is being run with insufficient privileges.

Suprema Driver

In that case stop the process first in Task Manager.

In BioStar 2.3 or below the service will appear as Biomini-Agent.exe *32

In BioStar 2.4 and above the service will appear as usb-agent.exe *32

Search the Biomini Agent / USB Agent in Windows Start menu and select the Properties menu after a right click.

Check Run this program and an administrator on the compatibility tab and click OK

Run Biomini Agent / USB Agent again.

3. Check the API

If you are using a proxy server, you will have to add the localhost as an exception.

You can check if the localhost is working correctly by trying to access the URL below:

localhost:[webserver port]/api/device

The image above shows that the connection is possible and working.

If you get a error message like below even if BioStar 2 service is running, it means that localhost connection is blocked.

4. Check the USB Agent logs

You can find the USB agent logs in the folder below:

DriverSuprema driver jobs

C:Program Files (x86)USB Device Agentusb-agentlogs

Open the log files to see what errors are appearing.

Provide the log file to the technical support team when requested.