Stone Driver


The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) REQUIREMENTS

  • REQUIRED - 16 Classroom Lessons on Traffic Law and Driving Theory at 2 hours per lesson for a total of 32 hours. Age 14 may take the class, but must be 15 before obtaining a Texas Learner's License Permit.

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Stone Driver is a critically acclaimed rock band from Washington, DC that harnesses grunge, blues rock, progressive, and psychedelic influences to create powerful and soulful rock music that resonates with fans both on the. To find drivers for your device, enter the serial number of your deviceon your hardware below: If you are having problems with the Driver Finder, please contact our Support team on 08448 802 366 (for Public Sector) or 08448 801 680 (for Family Fund and end user).

  • REQUIRED - 7 Car Training Lessons (Behind-the-Wheel and Observation) 2 hours per lesson (1 hour driving and 1 hour observing another student driver) 7 Driving and 7 Observing - Total 14 hours. The training car has the Instructor brake pedal, Instructor rear-view mirror and high-risk auto insurance which are required by the TX Dept. of Licensing & Regulation.

  • REQUIRED - Parent 30 hourspractice at home. (And they need lots more!).

  • To obtain a Texas License: For ages 16-17, the above 3 requirements must be completed, and must surpass the 180 day Practice Period (see back of permit Restriction F, then test after this date if age 16.) For ages 18 and above, must have obtained the Learners Permit License and practiced sufficiently to pass the DPS Road Exam of parallel parking, turning, reversing 20 yards straight and changing lanes.



Band/Artist Name: Stone Driver

Recommended if you like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden


Story behind your band/artist name: Nothing too fancy, just thought the combination sounded cool. We liked the word 'Stone' because of its lineage with bands like the Rolling Stones and Stone Temple Pilots, and it mirrors the classic meets modern rock vibe is a big part of our sound. 'Driver' just relates to the fact that we want to keep moving and evolving musically and as a band; we have a lot of fun but always an incredibly high work ethic to keep writing, recording, and performing new music.

Band Members: Chad Lesch - Guitar; Tim Boyer - Bass & Backing Vocals; John Gossart - Lead Vocals; Dan Epley - Drums

What part of the DC region is the artist tied to and how? Where is the artist's current home base if not DC : Falls Church, VA is homebase, but all Stone Driver members live inside the Beltway and are proud DC/NOVA citizens

At least 3 interesting/entertaining facts about the band related to persons/events in Washington DC area:

1) We recently played a gig at the National Archives in DC and had the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights sitting literally 10ft behind us; the National Archives had a constant security guard presence that started freaking out that the volume of our instruments was going to literally damage the historic documents. Luckily for freedom nothing was hurt and it was a fun show.
2) Sharing the bill with Living Colour and the B-52s at the 2016 Celebrate Fairfax Festival this year was absolutely surreal, and it was great to get a bunch of our DC fans and friends to rock out at a huge outdoor festival. Our drummer Dan was literally star-struck being able to see Will Calhoun; we were also 20ft away from the Shocktop Beer tent, so that didn't hurt either :-)
3) Being in a band, you often play some odd bills and venues that just don't quite make sense but you gotta roll with it. I'm not going to name names, but we once shared a bill with a 'Nerd-Core' band, 'Sitcom-Core' band, and a gangster rap artist that literally had a two foot high rainbow mohawk. We'll play some trippy and experimental stuff on occasion, but I felt like Alice stepping through the looking glass sharing that bill. The funniest part was one of the bands used a bedsheet to project video of 1960s era sitcom clips onto as part of their act; and apparently would use the same sheet at home every night on their bed. I swear I have never seen a nastier bedsheet in my life; it looked like a Jackson Pollock painting merged with a Vegas light show under the blacklight, it was some freaky stuff man.

Anything else we should know, or you want to share: Working with famed London producer Sefi Carmel on our latest album 'Rocks' was a huge turning point for us. Sefi has produced work for legendary artists like David Bowie, Phil Collins, BB King, Bruno Mars, etc, so being able to tap into his extensive experience and musical acumen was a huge addition to the album, and really set the tone for the energy and presence I think we were able to capture on tape with his help. He's an incredibly humble and kind guy despite his ridiculous resume, our band was incredibly thankful that he agreed to work with us and I think the new album is our best yet in large part to his input.

Official Website URL:http://www.stonedriver.com/

Facebook URL:https://www.facebook.com/StoneDriverBand

iTunes Link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/stone-driver/id786706740

Creative Zen Stone Driver

Spotify Link:https://open.spotify.com/artist/73CSJdvZ044VJobGLdM9cg

Other Links:https://www.instagram.com/stonedriverband/

Stone Drivers

Main Genre: Hard Rock

Stone Driver

Other Genres: Rock, Grunge, Space Rock, Psychedelic, Blues Rock