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In 2003 TenAsys released version 2.2 of INtime. Notable features of version 2.2 include: Real-time Shared Libraries, or RSLs, which are the functional equivalent of the Windows Dynamically Loaded Libraries, or DLLs. Support for the development of USB clients, and USB host control drivers for OHCI, UHCI and EHCI (USB 2.0) devices. TenAsys ® works with partners and standards/trade organizations around the planet to ensure that hardware, software, and tools easily integrate into a more complete solution stack that addresses your particular needs. Our work and optimizations mean you don’t have to build a solution yourself, helping you accelerate your time to market. In order to facilitate the use of NI hardware in an INtime real-time application, TenAsys has ported the National Instruments MH-DDK (Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit) OS interface (OSI) library to the INtime RTOS.

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Most operating systems require a device driver to integrate hardware components. Hilscher CIFX/COMX components require such device drivers as well. Hilscher offers a series of device drivers for a wide variety of operating systems. All Hilscher drivers have a standard user interface (CIFX-API) and are based on a C toolkit also usable for independent device driver development. The drivers are fully responsible for managing the communication components, including loading firmware and configuration files. The user interface contains all of the functions needed to initialize, parametrize, exchange I/0 data and acquire status information. Depending on the operating system, the user interface is contained in a DLL or library. As far as possible, the drivers support existing bus connections such as ISA, PCI, PCIe and dual-port memory connections. The C toolkit, and therefore the basis of the driver code, is designed in such a way that an unlimited number of communication components can be used simultaneously. However, the specific characteristics of each operating system must be taken into account.


Windows Extension (ntx) API. Part of the INtime CIF Driver package is a replacement DLL named cif32dll.dll. This DLL replaces the one provided by Hilscher GmbH with their Windows driver. Once installed, the TenAsys cif32dll.dll DLL routes calls from Windows applications such as SyCon and MsgDbg (both from Hilscher GmbH) to the INtime CIF driver. TenAsys INtime ® RTOS is a dynamic, deterministic hard real-time operating system for Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP) on multi-core x86-compatible processors. Unlike using hypervisors, a Windows device driver, or a monolithic application, INtime RTOS is a full operating system, complete with system services and capabilities that developers.