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Established in 2012 and owned by businessman John Stange, Jr. and Leap Brands, Inc. featuring brands such as MotoGator which partnered with the organization in 2019. Team Stange Racing is competing in the 2019 Indianapolis 500 with plans to increase their involvement in the NTT IndyCar Series by adding the Indy 500 and select other races in 2020. The team is also competing in select NASCAR Development series races in 2019 where it uses the “grassroots” circuits and series as a key marketing tool for their partners and sponsors to showcase their products and to develop and groom drivers and people to become top notch figures in the sport of auto racing.
Team Stange Racing has introduced many new sponsors to auto racing as well as drivers through its NASCAR development programs. The team has enjoyed success on the big ovals such as Daytona Speedway when it claimed its best finish of 4rth in the 2016 Lucas Oil Daytona 200 competing in the NASCAR ARCA series.
Team Stange Racing is the only NASCAR team based out of Chicago, Illinois USA.

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