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Yost Engineering Inc. Smart bracelet 3D pedometer USB flash driver to other consumer electronics are available to customers. Download: Available on the App. Python Servo Controller Module for the Yost Engineering, Inc. ServoCenter 3.1. ServoCenter-3.1 is a Python module for interacting with the ServoCenter 3.1 USB controller board by Yost Engineering, Inc.

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  • Success Story Yost Engineering, Inc. The Honorable Jean Schmidt (R) District 2 301 Existing Businesses 220 Pre-ventures 521 Total Clients Yost Engineering, Inc., located in Portsmouth, is a full research and development facility for both software and hardware, and serves customers in the healthcare and technology industries.
  • Retrofitted several vehicle platforms with autonomous capabilities, including automobiles, golf carts, and mobility scooters. Conducted research on vehicle-to-vehicle communication for intersection handling and eco-driving, augmenting existing public transportation systems with autonomous vehicles, and advanced driver assistance systems.
I designing a project to be distributed on computers that have no use ASIO drivers. In some computers (allways with Windows 7) all works well.
But in some other computers, Flowstone (or the exported EXE file) does not find Direct Sound. When I try to use it in a scheme or in an executable, it appears the message:
Download yost engineering driver course'Direct Sound could not be started. The most likely reason for this is that you have an application running that is using ASIO. (....) Close the application that is using ASIO or cahnge it so that is uses Direct sound instead.'

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but I have no other applications using ASIO. I uninstalled ASIO4All but that problem remains. Any idea to solve it?