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  1. Latest MIUI Official ROMs for all Xiaomi devices. Note: All files listed here are official untouched MIUI ROMs.It’s not owned, modified or edited by Xiaomi Firmware Updater.
  2. Download Xiaomi USB Drivers. Download Redmi 6 Pro PC Suite. Mi PC Suite is a Windows application which lets users perform several tasks like sharing PC internet, backup & recovery, File Manager, and to have better integrated support. It also let users to download latest Fastboot ROM and flash on their smartphones.
  3. Mi PC Suite The Official Mi device desktop client. Share PC Internet.
  4. Jan 29, 2021 And for this, you will again need to take the help of the Xioami USB drivers. With this, our readers might have got an idea of the need and importance of USB drivers for their Xiaomi devices. So with that in mind, here is the download link as well as the installation steps for the Xiaomi USB drivers.

If you have non Qualcomm Snapdragon powered processor Xiaomi devices then you can Download Xiaomi USB Drivers. In this article, you will get the latest Qualcomm QDLoader USB driver download link, and most importantly we’ll want to cover in-depth the process of installation for updating drivers.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool that allows you to flash stock firmware (Fastboot Files) on your Xiaomi mobile devices.

Here on this page, we shared all the tested versions of the Xiaomi MiFlash Tool along with its previous versions for your convenience.


Flash Stock Firmware (Fastboot Files):

There are three Flashing Options in Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool to flash Stock Firmware (Fastboot ROM), so you can choose any option as per your need in the following.

  1. Flash all – Completely erase user data in the device like photos, Apps, Videos, etc.
  2. Flash all except data storage – This option will save user data and flash System images without wiping anything.
  3. Flash all except storage – This will erase user apps like Facebook WhatsApp and keeps your data in Storage like Photos, Music, Videos.

Driver Concepts:

It is essential to understand that the Xiaomi flash tool will flash your device in both Qualcomm emergency 9008 modes, which are also called EDL Mode. Some user bricked their device while flashing their phone and got a blank screen and nothing the Computer only recognizing their device as Qualcomm 9008, so Mi flash tool allows you to also Flash your device in dead state and the safest method to flash your device is in Fastboot mode.



After downloading the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, you will get a single.msi installer file you have to install it on your computer. By installing the MiFlash tool, You do not have to install any other tool to flash Stock ROM on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool (Setup Exe) Latest Version 2020

Use the direct link below to download the tested version Mi Flash Tool on your computer. All the following Tools are officially released by the Company, which have been scanned by the Antivirus program.

Download Xiaomi Others Driver Installer

Additional Information:

How to Flash: If you are looking for Easy, step-by-step Guidelines to Flash Firmware on Xiaomi device then head over to the Flash Xiaomi Mi Smartphone page.

USB Drivers: If you are looking any USB driver for your Xiaomi devices then head over to Xiaomi USB drivers page.

Firmware: If you are looking for any Xiaomi Stock Firmware (Fastboot File) for your Xiaomi smartphone then head over to the Xiaomi Flash file page.

Credit: Xiaomi Flash Tool is created and distributed by Xiaomi INC. Thanks to them for sharing this great Tool with us.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the Xiaomi Mi Flash are cleared. In case there’s still a doubt left then feel free to comment below.


  • Version : 2021.02.04.01
  • Hash : 2f44d516bdc5ecb402b948a77604dbb7
  • Update on : Feb. 5, 2021, 1:14 p.m.
  • Change Log :

    UFS 5G Boot Meta -> Factory Reset New [4]

  • Oppo F17 Pro CPH2119 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo Reno3 CPH2043 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2035 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2036 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2037 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo Reno4 F CPH2209 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo Reno4 Lite CPH2125 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Oppo A93 CPH2121 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
  • Updating list models .......................
  • Auth Bypass -> Factory Reset [BROM]

    • Oppo A1k CPH1923 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A11K CPH2071 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo AX7 CPH1903 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A12 CPH2083 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A12s CPH2077 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A8 2019 PDBM00 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A9 MTK PCAM10/CPH1938 [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A15 CPH2185 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo A31 CPH2015/CPH2073 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo F11 CPH1911 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Oppo F11 Pro CPH1969 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Realme C2 RMX1941 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Realme C2s RMX1941 Supported [Auth Bypass]
    • Realme 3 RMX1821 RMX1822/RMX1823/RMX1825[Auth Boot]

    EMMC Boot Meta Mode -> Factory Reset New [2]

    Xiaomi Usb Wifi Drivers

    • Oppo A83 CPH1729 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo F5 CPH1723 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo F5 CPH1725 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo F7 CPH1821 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo F7 CPH1819 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Oppo F9 CPH1823 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 F CPH1989 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A1K CPH1923 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A91 PCPM00 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A91 CPH2021/CPH2001 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A11K CPH2071 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A12 CPH2083 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A12S CPH2077 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo R15 CPH1835[Boot Meta]
    • Oppo A31 CPH2029/CPH2031/CPH2081 [Boot Meta]
    • Realme C11 RMX2181/RMX2182/RMX2187 [Boot Meta]
    • Realme C12 RMX2189 [Boot Meta]
    • Realme C15 RMX2186/RMX2180 [Boot Meta]

    UFS 2.1 Boot Meta Mode -> Factory Reset New [3]

    Xiaomi Usb Drivers Windows 10

    • Oppo Reno2 F CPH1989 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno Z PCDT10 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno Z PCDM10 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno Z CPH1979 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z DS CPH1951 128GB [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM70 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKT00 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM00 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1945 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1951 [Boot Meta]
    • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM80 DS TD-LTE CN 128GB [Boot Meta]

    Xiaomi Driver Usb


    Xiaomi Portable Wifi Driver

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