Download Xen Gpl Pv Driver Developers Motherboards Driver

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DownloadDownload xen gpl pv driver developers motherboards driver downloadDevelopersGpl

Download Xen Gpl Pv Driver Developers Motherboards Drivers

Download xen gpl pv driver developers motherboards drivers

Download Xen Gpl Pv Driver Developers Motherboards Drivers

  • Hi
    I install WinpkFilter 3.0 on Windows 2008 r2 64bit. Windows HyperV successfully but when I install WinpkFilter 3.0 on Windows 2008 64bit (32bit & 64bit) bases on Xen VPS i lost my RDP connection to server even after restart. i still can ping the server. server have 1GB ram.

    I can give you root access to server but i need to reimage server after it stop responding to remote desktop.

    The step that reproduce the issue
    1) reimage Xen VPS server (Windows 2008 64 and 32 available)
    2) download and run WinpkFilter 3.0 from http://www.ntkernel.com/downloads/winpkflt_rtl.zip
    3 ) RDP stop working forever
    Can it be fixed?

    Hmm, looks strange, however I had not tested WinpkFilter in XEN VM before. SO several questions:
    1) Do you have VLAN enabled interfaces in Windows 2008?
    2) Can you check is RDP connection established but dropped or not even established (you can check this using network snifer)? If ping works but another protocol fails it can be MTU (packet size issue), as ICMP packets are very small by default.
    3) Can be the system be accessed by any other protocol/port besides RDP?
    4) Do you use any WinpkFilter application on the system or just the default driver installation stops the RDP?

    Please note that internally WinpkFilter driver uses a limited buffer pool used for all packet related operations. So, an example, if you set a network interface into the tunnel mode and won’t read filtered packets from the driver then the number of queued packets grows up to the buffer limit and as soon as the limit is reached the network operations are blocked for all network interfaces (network freeze). So if you expirience the network freeze it is more likely to be a bug in your application. There are many WinpkFilter based applications on the market, and if it would be a kind of hidden bug then you won’t be the only one who expirience this.

    By the way, what kind of driver you have installed on your server? NDIS IM or NDIS LWF? Both drivers can be used on WIndows 7, but they are different by architecture. So if you try another one there could be a difference in behaviour. However, if this is application bug then most probably the behaviour would be just the same.

    I’ll take a look at Xen as soon as I have time for this. Xen does not seem to be an easy thing to setup and configure. The behavoiur you have reported looks very strange. What WinpkFilter version have you installed on that system? Has the instalaltion went smooth? Network blocking may happen if driver is installed but not loaded (because of signature problems) in x64 Windows. Have you lost the connection immediatly after driver installation? Was you able to reconnect before rebooting? After the reboot? There is a chance that during the installation process the network was already blocked (driver started installing) but Windows still needed some sort of interactive confirmations from you, so the installation has not completed succesfully causing the network getting down.

    Why you don’t provide option to bypass packets when the buffer is full?

    This is done to prevent packets to bypass filtering. Most of WinpkFilter applications can’t afford passing unfiltered packets. However, this can be done in custom driver build.

    Why you don’t provide WinPKFilter to close application capture event handle when it detect application does not response or does not process packets it specific time?

    Same reasons as above. Application can be not getting CPU time for some period, but it does not mean that security has to be broken and filtering should be dropped. Filtering is turned off if and driver is reset to default state only if all user mode WinpkFilter clients are terminated.

    Is WinPKFilter report it to a log file when such issue happen? How we can find the original reason of such issue?

    I don’t see much sense in logging such an event as it does not really provide an information what has happened. Check your code for reading packets from the driver. This is the only way.

Download Xen Gpl Pv Driver Developers Motherboards Driver Windows 7

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