Download Viewsonic Crop Laptops & Desktops Driver


Thanks for your interest in purchasing a ViewSonic product. To help us best accommodate your needs, please fill out the Purchase Request form and a ViewSonic representative will contact you to discuss a tailored solution for your business. This could be due to the incompatibility of the latest audio drivers with Windows 8.1 operating system. I would suggest you to uninstall the existing drivers and then reinstall the latest drivers in its compatibility mode. Since, it was working fine on Windows 7, you may install the drivers in Windows 7 compatibility mode and check the status.

Using the ViewSonic display

Getting Started

  • Press the POWER on the ViewSonic.
  • Use the wireless keyboard to log in (no password required)

Connect Your Computer to the Display


Laptops, Tablets, etc.

  • Locate the VGA cable below the television
  • This should already be plugged into the display. If it is not, plug into the VGA port behind the display on the right hand side
  • Plug the VGA cable into your laptop
  • If you are using a Mac that does not have a VGA port, plug the VGA cable into your display adapter and thenplug the adaptor into your device
  • If you are using audio, connect the audio cable attached to the VGA cable into the headphone port on your device
  • Use the ViewSonic remote to change the input to VGA. (Input button can be located on the remote)
  • To adjust the volume, use the remote for the display


Laptops, Tablets, etc.

Display Driver Viewsonic

  • Locate the HDMI cable on the side of the television and plug into the HDMI port, also plug into your laptop.
  • Audio is carried over the HDMI cable along with the video. Depending on your laptop, you may have to adjust your sound preferences to indicate that you want audio to output via HDMI.
  • Use the ViewSonic remote to change the input to HDMI. (Make sure to select which HDMI port you have connected to; you can easily identify the HDMI ports number on the side of the television)
  • To adjust volume, use the remote

Connecting wirelessly

Mac, Windows and Chrome

  • The power button can be located on the bottom right.
  • Press the HOME button. The Home button can be located on the bottom right of the TV next to the power button.
  • A LESLEY UNIVERSITY Conference Room screen will pop up.
  • Select: VcastReceiver (using the touch pen)
  • Enter the Pin Code in the upper right, this will change upon a new connection
  • The device name will be the conference room you are in i.e. BBC Room, Money Pit etc.
  • First you want to make sure your device is connected to the same network with the device.
  • Download application; Type in the URL wit web browser to download application.
  • Launch Cast and click “whatever room tv name” to connect

Locations with ViewSonic Displays:

815 Somerville Ave-


BBC Room

Download Viewsonic Crop Laptops & Desktops Driver

Viewsonic Touchscreen Drivers

Money Pit

Install Viewsonic Monitor Drivers

University Hall-


Fishbowl Conference Room

Download Viewsonic Crop Laptops & Desktops Drivers


Tyler Room

Information Technology

815 Somerville Ave, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA 02138 [email protected] 617-349-8770

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  • Option 1: Download from the ViewSonic Website

    1. Go to http://www.viewsonic.com/us/support/downloads/search_driver/

    2. Enter the Product Name. For example, VX2435WM or VX1940W.

    3. Select the driver based on the operating system of your computer.

    4. Click on Open to start the installation. If you select Save, double-click on the downloaded file, and the installation process will start.

    5. Note: The downloaded file is a zipped file. If you do not have a program that can unzip the downloaded file, you will need to download or purchase a decompression utility such as Winzip.

    6. Once you have decompressed (unzipped) the file, double click on it and follow the prompts that appear on your screen. If you see a message from Windows, click on 'continue anyway'.

    7. Once the installation is complete, restart you computer system. Upon restart your system should automatically detect and select the appropriate monitor driver.

  • Option 2: Install from the Installation CD

    1. Insert the ViewSonic Wizard CD that accompanied the monitor into the CD drive. The wizard should start automatically.

    2. Follow the installation instructions. If you are selecting to do a Custom install, be sure to select the ViewSonic .inf file installation.

    3. Click on the 'Settings' Tab

    4. Upon restart your system should automatically detect and select the appropriate monitor driver.

  • If the Wizard does not start automatically

    1. Open the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop. (Windows XP users can click on Start > My Computer instead).

    2. Locate the drive icon that contains the CD — right click on it and select Explore to view the contents of the CD.

    3. Open the VSFiles folder and then the corresponding operating system folder (9x/Me, 2000, XP) to obtain the drivers.