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Hi All,
Ive got a Samsung 300e that wont auto connect when the projectors vga cable is plugged in and I have to use 'FN' and 'F4'.
All the other school laptops we have auto connect when attached to the projector. It used to connect before the bank holiday weekend and now it does not.
Ive checked all the settings on the laptop and projector and it all seems fine.
The laptop has the Samsung display manager software driver installed, Ive reinstalled this and its not solved it.
If you use the 'FN' and 'F4' to attach the projector if the vga cable is taken out while the pc is on then reattach it, It then auto connects. but if you turn it off still with the vga attached then back on again it does not recognise its attached until you use 'FN' and 'F4'
Any other ideas?

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Download Verypc Drivers

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