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Realtek Vendor and Devices for network cards. Identify the type of network card by using the device manager: 1. Open up Device Manager (right click 'Computer', choose 'Manage' and select 'Device Manager') 2. Identify your unknown Realtek devices. VEN8086 means that the Vendors ID is 8086, you can search this in the Vendor box on the home page. DEV1587 means that the Device ID is 1587, you can search for this using the Device box on the home page. SUBSYS06E01028 means that the Susbsystem ID is 05E01028, you can search for this using the Device box on the home page as well. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options. On the Security tab, click the Trusted Sites icon. Click Sites and then add these website addresses one at a time to the list: You can only add one address at a time and you must click Add after each one. Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. Free for personal, educational or evaluation use under the terms of the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris x-86 platforms.

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The term “vendor” is used to describe individuals or businesses providing products or services to companies or other organizations. It can also refer to those who sell goods or services specifically to wedding parties or at events. Large organizations may have contracts with multiple vendors or suppliers, ranging from technology products or mechanical parts to food or cleaning services. The product or service provided is less important than the type of partnership between a vendor and customer.

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Download Vendor Network & Wireless Cards Driver

To help streamline your vendor management process, below you’ll find a variety of free vendor forms and templates. Template format options include Microsoft Excel and Word as well as PDF forms. You can customize and print all of the templates, and all are free to download. These forms offer a simple alternative for businesses that don’t need to rely on vendor management software or other advanced tools. Choose from vendor contract templates, vendor scorecards, templates for weddings and food vendors, registration forms, and vendor lists.

Evaluating Your Vendor Relationships

Companies working with or choosing between multiple vendors may use scorecards to compare and rate the performance of each one. A vendor scorecard lists criteria for measuring performance and uses a weighted scoring system to evaluate the results.

The scorecard evaluation process involves defining the ideal vendor characteristics or requirements based on your business needs, choosing performance metrics that are measurable, weighting the metrics based on importance, and using the metrics to assign a score to each vendor. This is an opportunity to communicate with suppliers about why you are evaluating them, what you want, and what you hope to achieve. This may encourage positive competition among vendors and provide incentive for improvements.

You can also solicit feedback about how your business can improve as a customer to create a better working relationship. Read Vendor Management 101: The Definitive Guide to Manage Vendor Relationships for more tips on how to master your vendor experience.

One of the benefits of tracking and managing vendor performance is the creation of a list of reliable suppliers. A vendor list compiles contact information and other details for reference, which makes it easy to find a particular vendor and efficiently move through the purchase process. Maintaining a master list of preferred vendors can help managers stay organized and save time, but maintaining is the key word. One of the potential drawbacks of having a master vendor list is continuing to work with suppliers without paying proper attention to ongoing performance. It’s important to evaluate vendors on a regular basis to maintain successful relationships as your business needs grow and change.

Manage supply chain processes with agility using these helpful templates

Create a single source of truth that connects the procurement, operations, and logistics of your processes so you can manage and mitigate potential supply chain disruptions, keep your projects on track, and maintain visibility across all resources.

Vendor Agreement Templates

RFP Vendor Template - Excel

Use this request for proposal (RFP) with a current supplier or new vendor. Request form templates allow companies to specify the requirements for a project and expectations for vendor proposals. Providing vendors with a thorough RFP can help foster a successful relationship from the start.

Vendor Registration Form Template - Excel

Once you have selected a new vendor, you can use this registration form template for internal documentation or as an application form. You can edit this template to include whatever details are pertinent to your organization, industry, or type of vendor.

Vendor Contract Template - Excel

Whether you’re an event planner or a manager at a large corporation, you can use vendor contracts to outline terms and conditions and provide clear documentation to both vendors and customers. This PDF template has common elements found in vendor contracts, including the scope of services to be completed, a work timeline, payment terms, and other information.

Vendor Change Order Template - Excel

If you need to submit a change order to a vendor, this template allows you to create a comprehensive request that you can combine with supporting documentation if needed. Provide details on the reasons for the change, revised terms for timing and payment, and any other essential information. This Excel template performs automatic calculations to help you determine costs.

Food Vendor Application Template

Restaurant and food vendors are common fixtures at festivals and other events. This vendor application form template includes basic registration info and you can modify it to include rules and regulations, licensing requirements, or other details. Providing a simple form to potential vendors can help streamline the application process.

Download Food Vendor Application Template

Excel PDF

Vendor Assessment and Scorecard Template - Excel

This scorecard is designed to function as a vendor selection template. Once you’ve gathered your data and compiled it into the spreadsheet, you can use the scoring system to compare vendor performance and select vendors accordingly. You can also use this scorecard template to compare current vendors or to evaluate a single supplier. Easily edit the criteria checklist to match your business needs.

Vendor Comparison Template - Excel

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Download Vendor Comparison Template

Excel PDF

Vendor Evaluation Template

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Download Vendor Evaluation Template

Excel WORD

Vendor Risk Assessment Template - Excel

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For additional free resources, visit 'Free Vendor Risk Assessment Templates.'

Vendor Contact List Template - Excel

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Vendor Price List Template - Excel

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Approved Vendor List Template - Excel

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Wedding Vendor List Template

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Download Wedding Vendor List Template


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PCI-Z is a freeware lightweight system utility designed to provide information about (unknown) PCI (PCI-E, PCI-X...) devices and helps you find appropriate device drivers. Download now

PCI-Z is a freeware lightweight system utility designed to provide information about (unknown) PCI (PCI-E, PCI-X...) devices and helps you find appropriate device drivers.

PCI-Z is designed for detecting unknown hardware on your Windows based PC. It will help you determine vendor, device and certain details about device even if you don't have drivers installed. Software uses The PCI ID Repository, a public repository of all known ID's used in PCI devices: ID's of vendors, devices, subsystems and device classes. It is used in various programs (e.g. The PCI Utilities) to display full human-readable names instead of cryptic numeric codes. It is almost similar to lspci Linux command but with full Windows support.

You can find drivers for your operating system without a problem! Find drivers for your WiFi cards, audio cards, network cards or any other PCI peripheral.

PCI-Z 2.0 is compatible and works on: Windows XP SP3Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8Windows 10Windows Server 2003 R2Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (R2)Windows PE

For legacy purposes, you can use PCI-Z 1.31 on (in addition to OS'es listed above): Windows 2000Windows NeptuneWindows XPWindows LonghornWindows Server 2000/2003Bart PE/ReatogoReactOS

Both 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) Windows versions are fully supported, where applicable. Both i386 and amd64 kernels of Windows PE are supported as well. PCI-Z 1.31 also works on Bart PE/Reatogo, 'live CD' of Windows XP. In addition, you can run PCI-Z on ReactOS in full functionality. ReactOS is a free open source operating system based on the best design principles found in the Windows NT architecture - providing completely and in all ways legal and free platform for running PCI-Z without any Windows licenses necessary. PCI-Z will NOT run on Windows 95, 98 or ME.

It does not require any library but default Windows ones. No Visual Studio C++ redistributed, no .NET platform, no Java. WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is required from PCI-Z 2.0 for motherboard and BIOS version detection..

There is no installation or configuration! Simply run the file and wait until you get the report. Afterwards, right click on the line to get options (copy all data or just a segment) or export the whole list.

The author of CPU-Z has granted me permission to use a name similar to his product. Thanks Franck!

Key features

  • detects all PCI/PCI-X/PCI-E cards, even if your device manager doesn't recognizes them
  • one file only needed for running - 100% portable, no installation needed, no Internet connection needed (except for automatic database update)(
  • 'lspci for Windows' - familiar lspci-like tool from Linux in both GUI and CLI form on Windows
  • helps you find drivers for your unknown PCI devices on Windows
  • reports devices with drivers issues
  • daily updates with PCI ID database
  • small size, small memory footprint
  • spyware/malware free

How to use

Download Vendor Network & Wireless Cards Driver

Although PCI-Z is very simple to use, there are some considerations to be taken into account.

Verify From PCI-Z 2.0 there is an option to verify your PCI configuration and share it online. This way, you can help others find out if their hardware is compatible on certain combination of motherboards, BIOS'es and operating systems. Verification and access to online database is completely free! You can check out PCI-Z online database below

PCI-Z has embedded PCI ID database for redundancy and ability to work in the strict and closed environments. However, there are several options to load (not necessarily, but usually) newer PCI ID databases. When starting, PCI-Z checks current folder for 'pci.ids' of newer date. If there is newer PCI ID database in current folder, PCI-Z will automatically use it instead of embedded one. You can either use Update to check if there is newer pci.ids database online, or Load one manually from your PC. In case there have been changes in your PCI configuration, you can pick Refresh to reload database and rescan PCI devices.

PCI-Z has the ability to take screenshot of itself by clicking on Screenshot. Screenshot will be taken as 24 bit PNG.

You can export your PCI configuration in plain text, CSV or JSON by clicking on Export

By right clicking on listed device, there is an option for drivers search - Search for drivers. That option will run a simple Google query in your default Internet browser with vendor name and your operating system version. This does not guarantee that you will find your driver, nor am I responsible for any potential damage!

Up to version 1.31, PCI-Z has embedded both CLI and GUI versions of PCI-Z in one file. That will result in loading both GUI and 'blank' console (CLI) window once you start PCI-Z. Except for the visual effect (console window should generally disappear momentarily) that all users are not accustomed to, GUI functionalities of PCI-Z have remained the same. PCI-Z has command line options for advanced users. Details about those can be accessed by running PCI-Z from console (CLI) with '/?' switch/parameter. These options are no longer available on PCI-Z 2.0 and up. However, previous version will provide basic features of PCI-Z and support for legacy systems.

Verification database

Update Network Card Driver

From PCI-Z 2.0 there is an option to verify your PCI configuration and share it online. This way, you can help others find out if their hardware is compatible on certain combination of motherboards, BIOS'es and operating systems. Verification and access to online database is completely free.


Wireless Network Card Driver


All regular users can use 'normal' (x86) version of PCI-Z. For users that are using Windows PE or any other Windows version supporting exclusively amd64 kernel, you can use x64 version. Both versions have exactly the same functionalities!

Free Download Wireless Network Driver

I recommend downloading ZIP files since they contain latest PCI ID database in archive. You can always, however, download executive file only and get latest database later on.

Download PCI-Z 2.0 (1.145 kB) (PCI ID version 2017.07.01) [SHA1: 4f4543047ad941945225ace697beb13ceb015e7b]

Download PCI-Z x64 2.0 (1.420 kB) (PCI ID version 2017.07.01) [SHA1: b7f3084e77c5629e84d660f0e4f9021374be4c3b] (yes, still fits on single '1.44 MB' floppy!)

Network Adapter Card Driver

What's new (Release Notes)

Network Card Driver Install

2.0 (Jul 15, 2017)
Significant code changes and speedups, improved pci.ids database handling
Support for online verification!
Verbose PCI device status
Various other code improvements
1.31 (Jul 15, 2017)
Fixed major bug with detecting multiple identical devices; update for legacy support
1.3 (Apr 19, 2014)
Significant code changes and speedups
All database transactions are dealt with through memory
'Error message' column no longer appears if there is no errors/problems with devices
Added devices class detection
Added ability to sort columns
Fixed bug where part of menu was left when screenshot was taken
CLI output is now more lspci-like
1.2 (Jan 27, 2014)
Command line options
Screenshot ability
E-mail report
Better PCI ID database manipulation and redundancy
Automatic search for driver (requires browser and Internet connection)
Bug fixes and code improvements (Jan 4, 2014)
Can display basic system information
Ability to load newer database from PCI ID manually
Resize to arbitrary window size
Minor code improvements (Sep 9, 2013)
Added main menu and help file (Sep 9, 2013)
Added maximize screen capability
Minor bug fixes (Sep 6, 2013)
Initial version

Download PCI-Z 1.31 (685 kB) (PCI ID version 2017.07.01) [SHA1: 3c97fec72d46243abc0ac4c7bfb27ed2d66eed14]

Download PCI-Z x64 1.31 (830 kB) (PCI ID version 2017.07.01) [SHA1: 88aa11b31b6d9cb07130ee0feff4cb32622878e0]

Please report all bugs and comments to bubba (at) pci - z (dot) com

Software is free for both commercial and non commercial usage. You can review licence here.