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Velocity Micro's 2019 Raptor Z55 is a straightforward, cleanly assembled power desktop that posts excellent all-around performance. Its GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in our test config is ready for high. Unanswered Velocity MICRO questions & open problems. Help & support MICRO Computer and Internet owners by providing helpful answers, troubleshooting tips & repair advice.

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The Internet is full of extremely useful resources for keeping your Velocity Micro system up-to-date and running in top condition. Use this page as a resource for finding the most important files out there.

Disclaimer: This page contains links to outside resources. Velocity Micro is not responsible for the content of these pages. Additionally, this page contains links to software programs which, if used, could damage your system. Velocity Micro makes no claims or guarantees about these programs and is not responsible for any damage resulting from use of any programs linked to on this page. Use at your own risk.

Table of Contents:

File Download Sites (may require free registration)

These handy sites index lots of files that you might need for any task on your system.

Game-Related (demos, patches, mods, maps, models, skins, tweaks, benchmarks, utilities, trailers, etc)
  • Polycount (high-quality character models and skins)


Drivers are software programs that tell your system how to make the best use of specific pieces of hardware. Update your drivers when a new revision comes out to ensure maximum performance and usability.

  • nVidia Video Cards (GeForce FX, Quadro)


These downloads provide options for comparing your system’s performance with others.

Tweaking & Overclocking

These downloads provide options for tweaking and overclocking your video card.

  • nVidia System Utility (for nForce motherboards only)
  • Rage3D Tweak (ATI Video Cards only)

System Information

These downloads provide detailed information on the hardware currently in your system. Some of them also provide temperature information to help maintain system stability.


These downloads are miscellaneous utilities to help you manage your system.

  • Google Toolbar - Lets you search Google from inside your web browser. Provides popup blocking and other features
  • TuneUp Utilities - A suite of utilities designed to keep your system running its best
  • AdAware - Industry-standard program for removing malware from your system
  • Spybot Search & Destroy - Prevents spyware from being installed on your system
  • TextPad - Easy-to-use, feature-rich replacement for Notepad.


These downloads are firewalls to help keep your system safe from intruders.

FTP Programs

These downloads allow you to transfer files back and forth between your personal website or any other sites that offer File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access.

Velocity Micro Laptop Reviews

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