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  1. TSS Safenet License key - Drivers and support sheet. Download the latest TSS Eggware Sentinel Thales Protection drivers. TSS Eggware Sentinel driver installation instructions. TSS Sentinel driver install instructions (Espanol) TSS Safenet/Sentinel troubleshooting document. TSS Navigator manual.
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Download TerminalWorks TSScan for Windows to use all your local scanners on your remote desktop. AMD Chipset Drivers Download v2.13.27.501 ClockTuner for Ryzen (CTR) v2.0 RC3 Download AIDA64 Download Version 6.32.5631 beta AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 21.2.1 driver download.

Accurately Monitor Drug Temperature to the Last Mile

The webLogger II is a flexible and accurate logger to monitor drug temperature that enables anybody with a computer to instantly see if an excursion has occurred during a shipment. It also ensures mission data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, providing a complete shipment record


Assure compliant deliver to clinics and patients

The TSS webLogger II is a flexible and accurate logger for ensuring safe and compliant delivery of drugs across the supply chain. The USB connection allows simple upload of data to the cloud from any computer – making it ideal for the last mile.

Key Features

The webLogger II is a multi-use logger with 65,000 data point readings. It monitors drugs across a range of -30 to +70°C. Unlike many other loggers, no software is required to upload shipment data to the cloud. The webLogger II is IATA compliant.

The World’s Leading Temperature Management Solution

Supply Chain Management

Get a complete and transparent overview of your temperature management operations. View standard reports or create customized versions.

Powerful Analytics Tools

Visualize and understand all your supply chain data. Identify new initiatives that can help transform the way you manage and handle the delivery of drugs.


Real-time Monitoring

Monitor key stability data in real-time such as temperature, light, humidity and vibration. Follow high value drugs during transit to the last mile.

Our Vision: Assure Safe Drugs for Every Patient

TSS provides the Life Science Industry with the global quality standard for safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery.

Discover How Our Cloud Solution Can Help You Transform Your Supply Chain

Every day, life science companies around the world use our solution to deliver drugs safely to patients, identify cost savings and reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Find out how our experts can help you.

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Initially designed as a small helper application for RivaTuner graphics card utility, RivaTuner Statistics Server became de-facto framerate monitoring, On-Screen Display and high-performance videocapture service provider for other graphics card utilities.

What's New:

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  • Added external encoding plugin modules support. Plugin modules architecture provides an easy way to implement different hardware accelerated video encoders in RivaTuner Statistics Server.
  • Added benchmark mode for external encoding plugin modules. Benchmark mode allows you to verify if hardware encoder is configured and working properly as well as estimate expected hardware encoding performance.
  • Added external QSV.DLL encoding plugin. The plugin provides you high-performance hardware accelerated H.264 encoding on Intel QuickSync Video capable platforms. Intel QuickSync H.264 encoder is able to compress 1080p video at 60 FPS with no major CPU performance hit. Hardware accelerated Intel QuickSync H.264 encoder was introduced special to compete with NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay hardware accelerated H.264 encoder. Free hardware accelerated H.264 video capture and encoding is no longer an exclusive selling point of NVIDIA Kepler GPU family, now the same functionality is available on much wider range of hardware platforms on both AMD and NVIDIA GPU based graphics cards absolutely for free!
  • Tweaked encoder queue depth. The queue depth is no longer hardcoded to 32 frames, now it is equal to recording framerate
  • Decreased server startup time on OS versions with no any service pack version installed
  • Improved function offsets cache validation algorithm in hooking system
  • Added proxy Direct3D library protection system. Now RivaTuner Statistics Server forcibly disables application hooking and blocks OSD, screen capture and video recording functionality if application is running via the proxy Direct3D runtime library (various game mods based on hacked D3D DLLs). Compatibility with most of such applications can still be improved by enabling custom Direct3D runtime libraries support in the application profile

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