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What is TDService.exe? TDService.exe is known as TechkonDeviceServer and it is developed by TECHKON GmbH, it is also developed by.We have seen about 11 different instances of TDService.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. Techkon SpectroDrive AC Adapter With Universal Plug In. Sign up to receive specials and the latest news from the industry!

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TECHKON products have a warranty of 24 months. If you are using the measurement devices in ISO 9000-certified areas, we recommend to send them to our service center for examination every 18-24 months. We will provide you then with a new quality certificate. The TECHKON repair service works quickly and reliably. Trusted Windows (PC) download TECHKON Spectro Connect Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get TECHKON Spectro Connect alternative downloads.

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Techkon SDserver software setup instructions:

In order to connect to the Techkon SpectroDens or SpectroDrive devices over USB or Wifi, installation of the SDserver background service or SDserver app foreground application is required (one exception is on Macintosh, direct USB connection to the SpectroDens is possible thanks to Techkon's 'Mac SDK' drivers. The server is required on Mac for Wifi connections and for the USB connection that allows configuration of wifi settings, however)

SpectroDens Connection Options
App Platformdirect USB connectionserver USB connectionserver Wifi connection

SpectroDrive Connection Options
App Platformserver USB connectionserver Wifi connection

The TDservice server comes in 2 forms that run on Windows (only): background service or foreground application. The background service is good for unattended operation that can auto-launch when Windows starts and is invisible to the end user (when sharing a machine). The foreground application (TDServiceApp) is good for manually launching & testing.

Download Techkon Driver

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Download techkon drivers

Users may want to run Windows in a virtual environment (such as Parallels or VMware). This is useful for Macintosh users wanting to connect to the Dens or Drive via Wifi.

Download Techkon Drivers

A few important configuration notes:

  • Set the VM software to use a 'Bridged' connection to ensure it's on the same network as both the CHROMiX app and the wifi network the Dens is connecting to.
  • Determine the IP address for the computer running the server app.
  • Enter this into the Server Address field in the Techkon Setup dialog in the CHROMiX app.
  • Choose the server app in the port options.
  • Click Connect button to initiate the connection.

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Download Techkon Driver

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