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Operating systemOfficial versionBeta version
Linux (for x86 processors)
Mac OS X
Linux (for ARM processors version 8, 64-bit OS)
Linux (for ARM processors version 7, 32-bit OS)
iOS from AppStore (only client)
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • ARM
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Other
Attention! For several days after release of a new version you might get a Windows SmartScreen warning that the program might not be trusted. You are advised to ignore it as Xeoma is free of malware or viruses (you can run a security scan and find confirmation on www.virustotal.com portal). The message will stop appearing after the new version gets enough downloads for Windows to consider it trusted.Download Softhard Cameras

If you have Windows Vista, Windows XP or lower, download Xeoma 17.5.5 (or an older Xeoma version) here

Please see this guide on working with Xeoma on Linux
If you have Raspberry Pi 3 B+, download Xeoma Beta 18.4.5 (or up) for ARMv7 (if your OS is 32-bit) or for ARMv8 (if your OS is 64-bit)
If you have Raspberry Pi 1 B+, download Xeoma 17.5.5 for ARMv6 here
Please see this guide if your Xeoma is blocked on your Mac
Looking for older versions? Find them in History of Changes page

By downloading, you agree to our End-user license agreement (EULA).

History of changes and previous versions of Xeoma.

Xeoma editions

Download Softhard Cameras Online

Xeoma has several editions:
Lite edition: basic functionality for up to 4 cameras (6 modules in each chain);
Standard edition: no limitations in time of use or amount of modules in chains;
Pro edition: all the benefits of the standard edition + professional modules;
Trial edition: unlimited functionality and any modules while settings restored to defaults every 8 hours/at program exit, rewritable archive every hour. If you need more time to test Xeoma before you buy, simply contact us;
Free edition: view of up to 1000 cameras (3 modules in each chain). To get Xeoma in the free edition subscribe to our newsletter.
Comparison of modes

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  • Minimum requirements, computer specs and supported languages on our calculator page.
  • By default, Xeoma starts in the trial edition. User-specified settings are reset to defaults at restarts (see more);
  • Can work without installation, no admin rights required to try;
  • Cameras in local network with default credentials are found automatically.
  • If you are using a beta version, please subscribe to our beta version announcer. Send us your feedback. It will help us release bug-free official versions.
  • Update to a newer version through user interface or manually.
  • Free utility for customization and rebranding of Xeoma for resellers!

To get Xeoma in the free version, download it here. Do you like Xeoma and want it to develop faster? Help us grow: please recommend it to your friends!

Download softhard cameras software

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Supported operating systems

Officially supported operating systems*: Windows 32 and 64-bit (Server 2008 R2/2012/2016, 7, 8, 10), Linux 32 and 64-bit both with or without graphical interface (Ubuntu 12 and up, Debian 7 and up, openSUSE 12.2 and up, Mint 13 and up, CentOS 7 or higher, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or higher), Linux ARM – Raspbian released on 2016-02-29 or later (for Raspberry 2 or higher), Mac OS X (10.9 or higher), Android OS 4.4 or higher, iOS 6 or higher.

Unofficially supported operating systems:**
Linux Kali (version 18 and up); RancherOS; Fedora (version 31 and up); Elbrus (version 1.4.3 and up); PCLinuxOs (version 2018.06 and up); elementary OS Linux (version 5.0 and up); Astra Linux (version 2.11.3 and up); Arch Linux version 2020.10.01.

*If you need Xeoma for an older OS, please write us.
**Officially supported operating systems are tested with Xeoma before any release. Unofficially supported operating systems were successfully tested with Xeoma several times at user requests (but not before every release of Xeoma new versions).

Supported languages: Main languages:
English, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish and Russian.

Download Softhard Cameras App

Additional languages:
Dutch, Danish, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Belorussian.

See Xeoma information in your language

Download Softhard Cameras Software

Xeoma free webcam software contains no viruses, no spyware or adware. It is free to download and safe to install and run. Even if you do not have an antivirus you can run a security scan and find confirmation on www.virustotal.com.

Launch problems troubleshooting:
– the “The publisher of this program cannot be verified” message
– antivirus messages (e.g. “Gen:Variant.Symmi.592”)
– the “Access denied” message in console
– the “Application can’t be opened.” message in Mac OS
– the “Install blocked” message in Android

Download Software Camera

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